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New possibility - jazz trio

Phil W

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Trying out a jam with a keyboard/piano player tomorrow with a view to a trio (he already has a drummer). Apparently he has been through a few bassists and none have fit the bill.


Says they're influenced by The Bad Plus and EST. Interesting choice of tunes: Thelonius Monk tunes, Beyonce, Bjork, Aphex Twin, Soulive...we'll probably do some originals too. Could be a really good to have a trio, a lot of sonic flexibility and easier to book and rehearse.


I'll let you know how it goes. Only problem we're finding is the prohibitive cost of rehearsal studios round here. It doesn't figure when most bands in London are not making money that studios would charge so much! I'm looking into alternative spaces like community halls and the like. With Luna Kalamata we had members who worked at a local university so we could work there and with LV Project the club where we worked let us rehearse there in the afternoon. Going to have to think this thing through.


Certainly makes having drumkit-less bands that can rehearse in a living room an attractive idea.

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Aw, it's just jazz. Your practice is done at home....alone. One living room rehearsal for arrangement/tempo/who plays the melody purposes. Read the chart, book the gig. Listen to what the other players are playing.


And a fog machine. Gotta have a fog machine.

Things are just the way they are, and they're only going to get worse.

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Yeah, every jazz group I've ever been in has rehearsed in a home, except for the jazz fusion group which was a bit louder. :-)


As for names, you may be the first group to find use for one of my many unused band names of yore: "Thelonious Punk". :-)


Unfortunately, a quick Google search shows that several other people have thought of it too, in the intervening years. :-(

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Sounds like a really good opportunity. EST and Bad Plus are both great bands. You need to work out early on if they need a fairly straight player or do they want someone with attitude because Bad Plus are more attitudous than most Jazzers plus they do modern pop/rock covers, which is a great way for Jazz to get a wider audience.



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If you're looking for other contemporary trio ideas beyond Bad Plus and EST, check out Robert Glasper's trio. I love his last 2 releases, Double Booked and In My Element. Tunes are very approachable, some sound informed by Keith Jarrett's Belonging/My Song period. On Double Booked, he does the first 1/2 with his trio, the second 1/2 with his hip-hop unit "the Experiment".


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We had the first rehearsal at the keyboard players house - just bass and keyboards...everything gelled well....this is going to be good! Used the Wal with some use of the OC-2 and envelope filter.


Some swinging Monk tunes, some contemporary updates on jazz and some jazzy updates on contemporary tunes.


Mark, I love Robert Glasper's music. I agree - some fine, fine music there!


David, well I was trying out them while they tried out me. Luckily the music, the people and the sounds gelled fabulously!






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