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  1. I've been remembering JC- he made an effort to meet lots of people from this forum in his travels, iirc he got to a dozen, maybe more. We had coffee and talked for a bit when he came through my town, he was as witty and gracious in person as online. He seemed like good people.
  2. I've been away from the forum for a while because stuff, and I come back to find this very saddening news. Jeremy was a righteous dude and a solid bass player, a true gentleman ime. Yet another thing reminding me of the great people from that era of the LD. Any further details? RIP JC.
  3. Or anodized aluminum, even. Here's my #1 bass-
  4. I had a post full of info and adding an emoji ate it all. Enjoy the new free Strat. I have modded a few Squiers over the years, it can be a lot of fun. once you figure out what parts actually fit. edit- Greasy Groove has a bunch of Affinity 'guards- https://greasygroove.com/pickguards/guitar-pickguards/fender-pickguards/squire/affinity-sss-strat.html
  5. Currently in rotation- Tone City Flexo Drive, Tone City Model M, Tone City Comp Engine, MXR Distortion +, Boss TU-2, Boss RC-1, Boss CE-3, Kmise Vintage Drive, and an old bass OD I use for clean boost sometimes.
  6. Greasy Groove? Here's one of theirs I have on a P Bass -
  7. Thanks. That happened last week, here's a better pic- But, posted the same pics elsewhere and was implored to change back to the stock white 'guard. Repeatedly. By people in multiple countries. The brown/blue combo is definitely a love/hate thing too, based on comments. What can I say, I like what I like.
  8. Hi, I'm wraub and I like divisive pickguards. I don't mean divisive creatively, or politically, but, aesthetically. You see, I like harmonic contrast visually as much or more than I do sonically, and so... Divisive pickguards. Maybe you have one too, or, even, more than one. Post 'em if you do. For now, here are these, because.
  9. Have lately been enjoying the PAF style pickups I have in the single-cut more than ever, they are absolutely a part of "my sound" whatever that is. Going back and forth between a couple Strats with different SC pickups and then plugging in the guitar with the PAF types is like a revelation in full-tones crispness, no mud anywhere. If the guitar dies today I'll be putting these pickups in almost anything tonight.
  10. The PAF style pickups in my LPGSO are as good or better than I could ever have hoped for. I did spend a fair amount of time adjusting the pickup heights, as well as adjusting the pole pieces, to find a string to string balance I liked. The neck is clear and full, the bridge is chunky and biting, no shrillness at all. Great clean, stellar with effects (at least, with the ones I've tried). I want all my pickups to sound as good. Apparently there's a "typical" range (in quotes because PAFs varied a bit), with a bridge about 8.2K and a neck around 7.2k that a lot of builders shoot for, and the ones I've tried in that range are usually pretty good. Details matter, apparently, and accuracy costs. Because of the variance noted, accuracy can vary too. Get what sounds good to you, that's what really matters. If the pickups you like are less expensive than some others, even better.
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Ti6UkGDQ2Q Primus performing Rush's "Xanadu" Live @ the Greek Theater, Berkeley, CA - October 15 2021
  12. Lately I've been thinking about selling off some gear, as I have stuff that's largely unused. An incentive is that pretty much everything I have I got used, and it's all gone up in price since. However, the fact is that I already have it because do use it occasionally, and the prices now to replace it would be prohibitive. So I keep the stuff I have, and pretty much don't buy anything anymore, as I really have no gear that I need. I do buy replacement parts and things for repairs/upgrades, and those seem to have gone up in price too.
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