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Looks like another back surgery coming up...


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Well, talked with the neurosurgeon about my continuing symptoms which are affecting my left leg. Good possibility I will be having surgery to remove the debris on the nerve next Tuesday. I'll let you know. I've had it done before, so I know what to expect. Should be fine. 90% probability no permanent damage to the nerve if surgery is done. Only 60% without. My right leg and foot are already screwed up from a past ruptured disc. I'm taking the high percentage route.


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hey bro, i know what you mean,i have had a fusion b4 and 3 other back surgeries i am going in for another fusion jan 22.i have cages in my lower back also.heavy metal bro!!!1 good luck to you and a speedy recovery also dude.......the leg pain sucks!!!! pis and needles.....
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