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RIP, Vic Mizzy

mate stubb

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I can just see my whole 8th grade class in 1968 singing and snapping their fingers to Sister Peter John as we 'explained' the Addams family tune to her. See was amazed we all sang it and knew it.


I would say VM was a very successful musician!


Fly well Vic!

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He also wrote "Green Acres."


My favorite Vic Mizzy quote:

"Those two snaps bought me a mansion in Bel Air."


RIP, Vic; wish I could write a couple of dorky little ditties and retire!

Muzikteechur is Lonnie, in Kittery, Maine.


HS music teacher: Concert Band, Marching Band, Jazz Band, Chorus, Music Theory, AP Music Theory, History of Rock, Musical Theatre, Piano, Guitar, Drama.



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A great career and long life! Hail VM! Loved the music in The Ghost and Mr. Chicken.


Me too. In fact I went out of my way to obtain a DVD of that movie a couple years ago, and still love the music.


The spooky pipe organ theme had some really eerie modulations in it, and when I was but a lad I made my mom take me to the local drive in theatre where it was playing, so that I could record it and transcribe it.



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