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good bye....


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I got a place in the army for the 31st of this month so I guess I just wanted to say good bye for now, just incase i stop playing bass and stuff.

Plus I guess im letting you know whats going on with em :) Karl

Okay I got my hair cut! Its now this short *shows how short using hand*


Lets get down to business gentlemen! I want that bagel now!...Don't forget the lettuce!

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Make the most of the training offered!



You can stop now -jeremyc

STOP QUOTING EVERY THING I SAY!!! -Bass_god_offspring

lug, you should add that statement to you signature.-Tenstrum

I'm not sure any argument can top lug's. - Sweet Willie


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Godspeed. And thanks to you and all military personnel for the life we have here in the states. I mean it. My work is on electronic modules for fighter jets and some Army and Marines to use to help keep them safe.
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Godspeed karl, and thank you for your service. Keep your spirits up and your derrière down.

Do not be deceived by, nor take lightly, this particular bit of musicianship one simply describes as "bass". - Lowell George


"The music moves me, it just moves me ugly." William H. Macy in "Wild Hogs"

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and don't eat the scrambled eggs...


Or at least not the ones with shells in them. You KNOW they're powdered then! :D

To this day I can't stomach scrambled eggs in any way shape or form. I blame the Marine Corps. I'm still hoping to find a support group, almost 20 years later.



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Good luck man. Army can be fun as much as it can be dangerous. Enjoy your time.






"And then the magical unicorn will come prancing down the rainbow and we'll all join hands for a rousing chorus of Kumbaya." - by davio



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Do they teach you the ancient Scottish martial art of "Fuk Yu" in the Scottish army?


I once read about actual Celtic martial arts classes being taught somewhere in Boston... part of the cultural revival movement that was supposedly going on. I guess the Highlanders really were somewhat a part of that larger entity in Celtic culture before they got stamped out, so who knows, maybe the Scottish army does teach a bit of that stuff...

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