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  1. The above depiction is TOTALLY untrue! I have a dog.
  2. That's the point where the string goes over the bridge saddle. On the original BaddAss, you filed your own "divot" where you wanted the string to sit.
  3. Schaller Roller Bridge has adjustable side o side witness points and is probably cheaper than tryiing to find a BadAss bridge. An Omega bridge is an almost perfect copy of the original BadAss, much cheaper, and lets you cut in your own witness points.
  4. Sounds like it was enjoyable until the singer went awol on the band's direction. The solution is simple. Kill the singer and find a new one that is more pliable. My last singer called me crazy so this is how I took care of the same situation. My doctor called me a psychopath, gotta look up what that is but I suspect it means someone who gets stuff done.
  5. My band finally disolved after losing our 7th drummer over about a 7 year stretch. The singer/songwriter expained to me many time how this has all been the various drummers faults. When he finds an 8th drummer, I'll be back.
  6. Personally, I'm just going to secretly release a sex tape and claim it was stolen to get famous, avoiding all this hard work/nonsense.
  7. The singer/guitarist tells me it's not him, it's the drummer's fault......seven time so far. I'm still friends with most the drummers so at least I have a future supply available if needed.
  8. Happy, healthy, family doing great, grandchildren galore, gigging a bit. Unfortunately, we recently lost drummer number 7! We are Spinal Tap!
  9. For something a little more current, check out Black Country Communion, a band consisting of Hughs, Joe Bonamassa, Jason Bonham and Derick Sherinian.
  10. Welcome back! I'm still the worst bassist in the known universe. Hope you are doing well!
  11. That is one sexy beast!
  12. According to the wiki, Daisley played bass on "Gates of Babylon", "Kill the King", and "Sensitive to Light" and Blackmore did the rest.
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