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  1. Dave Grusin and Richard Tee actually worked a lot of NY sessions together. I used to have one of Patti Austin's albums that featured Richard Tee on keyboards on various tracks and which was also produced by Grusin and Rosen.
  2. Welcome to the site Sparquelito!! Good to have ya here.
  3. Not only was it the theme song to a great sitcom from the '70s, Angela (the theme from Taxi) also introduced me to the good music of Bob James. His Fender Rhodes work on this track is just dazzling!
  4. Glenn Frey played the Clavinet on Life In The Fast Lane. I had the 45 (don't anymore) and I also have Hotel California on both LP and CD and I can hear the clavinet very much on that song. A lot of keyboards were used very heavily in The Eagles, not as much as guitar but still a prominent part. Joe Walsh played the Fender Rhodes and Hammond organ on New Kid In Town, and the track Pretty Maids All In A Row also features some synthesiser work on the ARP String Ensemble.
  5. Christine McVie used a Hohner Pianet in Fleetwood Mac. This clip of FM on Midnight Special in late '76 shows her playing such a keyboard.
  6. Don't forget about Jerome Green, the maracas player who played on many Bo Diddley singles in the Fifties (and also sang on his hit Say Man).
  7. I heard him playing piano and Moog with Chris Botti and Ray Brown, and I must say, he's damn good! I also think Geoffrey played with his wife, Gillian Margot, they've made a few albums together.
  8. Gretsch makes some very good guitars. I’m more of a fan of the curved Bigsby arm. I don’t really care for the tubular Bigsby arm, I think the design is a little flimsy. They also tend to be hollow body guitars, which are a little disappointing because they tend to feed back when played at high volumes. But the Gretsch is a wonderful guitar. Stephen Stills played a Gretsch White Falcon, and Gretsch has been decent enough to give him a signature model.
  9. Scanning this thread for the last minute or so...not a single mention of Keith Emerson? He was a giant on that Hammond organ!
  10. I think people cover up the brand names on their instruments due to copyright issues. A lot of people cover up the names because when they are performing on a talk show, or shooting a movie, TV show or music video they want to avoid copyright or being sued by a musical instrument company, so they cover the logos up so they won't get sued. Half the time the instruments are rented anyways...
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