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OT: Personal update..long post, sorry.


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Hi guy, so many of you have been so supportive from my surgery to now....figured I would fill you in on my latest info. I am a bit hesitant to post here since it has less than nothing to do with guitars and is all about me, but it seems appropriate since you guys always show concern. Thank you for that by the way.


I am ecstatic. I just got back from seeing my surgeon at roughly 7 weeks post op. My first post op CT Scan was done this past Monday.


He walked in and said " You are fully fused! I have never seen this much fusion, this fast ever before!" He then sat down with me and showed me the CT Scan presentation on a computer type thing. He can move the CT Scan images around so you can see any aspect of it you want, above, below, through the side, in the middles....anything at all. I could see the fusion all the way through the cages top and bottom on both sides. He also showed me the pedicle screws, the placement absolutely perfect, no nerve issues or blood vessel things. I could see how the radiolucent Peek Rods don't interfere with the CT Scan ability to "see" everything through them.


He went on to explain that it is what they call a "soft fusion" in that it is complete but the bone has not yet hardened and reached full strength which takes about a year. So full fusion just not yet up to strength...takes time.


I am so very happy. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off me. I was accepting nothing less than full fusion anyway, from before my surgery, but LOL it would have been hard to swallow if all my positive thoughts went south. My fall did not help, after that I started stressing that I damaged something and had to fight those thoughts daily.


Anyway this is the the best news I could get at this point. The more I go along the more I realize what a great surgeon this guy is. He is highly sought after and hard to get in with...I lucked out there also. The guy is a master soft machine mechanic. :)


Anyway, no work yet...still no lifting and working out, no physical therapy. He said I might not need therapy anyway.He wants me walking with 2lb ankle weights for 1 hour a day total

I still have issues and many bridges to cross, I have quite severe leg pain...have to take an Oxycodon every 4-6 hours, my feet burn, ankles hurt, toes have nerve pain etc etc etc. I still cannot pick up my baby girl, swim, ride my bike etc etc etc. All normal stuff the pain as nerves wake up etc.


But just knowing that I am fusing is awesome! The alternative would have been no fusion seen, which would have meant the sugery failed.


Positive mental attitude is so important, and not letting depression allow the negative side to take over...I believe this....I also must say you guys have helped me with this, and coming here every day to talk with you has also helped keep my mind off things.


Thank you so much to you all! I am also going to be saying many prayers of thanks in the coming weeks.


Okay....back to Medal of Honor-Vanguard.....


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Listen, what are the ankle weights for? I ask because a of of pros here in the US are finding other ways to add weight to the exercise because of the knee damage that occurs using ankle weights. The guys who worked on my knees are sports medicine pros, and they stopped me from doing that, suggesting that I add body weight instead. (There are several ways to do this, from as sporty as a weight vest to as simple as carrying a couple of cans of tinned food.)



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That is such great news! Congratulations, and keep up the good thoughts - I am a firm believer in the power of positive thinking, and with things fusing so well, just keep those good thoughts flowing.


That is just super news. :thu:

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what are the ankle weights for? Bill


Bill you make a good point...I will be sure and ask him about that. My guess is no weight vest because that places the weight on my back. I had asked him if I could work out my legs on a leg press and he said no exercising other than walking and suggested I get some leg weights.


I am trying them now.....don't really like the feel of tham tell you the truth. Even after a few minutes I can feel it in my knees a bit.


Thanks everyone.


EDIT: LOL even just 4 added lbs I can feel the huge difference it makes....I can see why losing 25lbs made such a difference to me, although you notice it more added than lost. But the ankle packs really works the thigh muscles for sure. Man even 2lbs per leg feels a lot....I hope he meant 2lbs per and not total LOL. Seriously, it sounds like nothing but it is a lot.....at least to me anyway :D

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Excellent. I know that fall had you very concerned, and rightly so. Glad it is going so well. You'll be playing one of the bad guys in 24 in no time.


My elderly neighbor had a lot of fusing done and he is up doing his power walking like no one's business.

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