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Greetings fellow musicians...


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My name is Phil and this is my first post here. In advance- I'm very pleased to make all of your acquaintance.


Now, Ill introduce you to my rig . My band, a Progressive Rock band, a little on the epic side is going to be doing lots of live shows very soon and Ive been toying with the idea of running both my half-stacks in a stereo fashion.


Heres what Ive come up with so far:


As you can see in my diagram, Ive used the stereo *out* of the Line 6 Delay to feed the input of either amp. The result is a very beautiful, full and spacious sound which absolutely knocked me on my ass!


Then it hit me; since I use the Hūghes & Kettner as my *main amp* and to utilize full channel switching Id have to resort to taking dance lessons in order to switch both amps from dirty-to-clean/clean-to-dirty etc, however a have come up with an idea which I havent employed as of yet.


After noticing that my H&K had an internal Red Box DI I ran an XLR-to-1/4" line from the DI to the second amps Input which allowed me to use the H&K as the main amp and the Carvin amp as a secondary amp, thus resulting in my conundrum


How can I use this setup as a legitimate *stereo* setup if the Carvin amps input is being fed from the DI?


I imagine I can use my DOD AC270 A/B Box which allows switching from one source, to two destinations, or two sources to one destination as I can use the H&K DI out as well as the Line 6 *Right* output and feed the DOD, then running the DODs *out* into the secondary Carvin amp!?!


I mean, to me, on paper this seems pretty logical, but considering my immense lack of rig-knowledge, I may be wrong- which is why Ive discovered this here forum!


My apologies for the winded introduction. Any help on this topic would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks guys, and pleased to meet you all!


My Band: MySpace/Butcher


Mi Casa: MySpace/The Philth

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I think you know what you are doing - the proof is in the sound. Have you tried it yet? Does the Carvin have an effects loop? That's how I ran stereo when I did - used an Alesis Quadraverb and the effects loop of a Mesa Mark IV and and Mesa Studio 22...


What you may end up with is technically not being "stereo" but having the tone and channel swtitching options you want...

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Hi Phil!

The only way I've run stereo is one of two ways. Through a stereo amp or using a stereo pedal run out to two amps. Guess some tech person will have to sign on and give you their opinion. Welcome to the forum though and stick around. We are a bunch of assholes but it will make you feel better about your regular friends. :D



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It sounds as if you've got the sound aspect down, right? You just want to be able to switch both amps from clean to dirty at the same time, correct? If so, then the Scholz Octopus would do the trick nicely.


The Octopus is a Midi device that does switching on non-midi devices. I used one years ago to do channel switching on my Boogie amps and also switch on some of my rack effects that weren't midi. You can trigger up to 8 different devices.


Here's one on eBay:



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Can you take the direct out of the H&K through a digital delay before it gets to the Carvin and throw a few msec delay on it? That would give it some "spread".


If you can check out Eric Johnson's rig. I seem to remember he was running multiple amps and a "stereo" setup


My question is what software you used to make the diagram of your rig.


Welcome and good luck with the rig.

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Welcome to the board Phil! :wave:


It looks like your idea of using the Red Box DI can work for a stereo sound: the same preamp signal will feed both amps but each power/speaker section being different will create a resulting stereo sound. However, you will lose the spacious sound you're accustomed to because there will be no delay between the 2 amps.


Something you might want to try (by adding to your idea of the Red Box DI) is to move the Line 6 Delay between the output of the Red Box DI and the input (FX return might be better here) of the Carvin. This way, you'll be switching the clean/dirty sound of both amps via the H&K amp footswitch and you'll still get the delay and the power amp/speaker coloration from each amp.


Good luck and please let us know how your experimentation goes! :)

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Hi Phil,


It sounds you're already getting solid advice here, but your diagram is invisible to me. I'm more of a guitar into fx into amp guy, but maybe you're playing larger venues.

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Hey guys, thanks for all the *welcome-aboards* and friendly advice. Although my gear does seem a bit over-the-top, it's somewhat plug-n-play; I just have the habit of over thinking things- and my gear's the victim this time around.


Actually, this *two-amp* setup IS in fact for the larger venues. My band Butcher is going to be playing a couple of (our first of many) big gigs next month opening for one of my favorite bands, and being the only guitarist, I'd like to compensate with a HUGE stereo sound.


Ive never ever been a gear-head myself until the recent years. Being the only guitarist, Ive learned to fill in spaces (Ive also learned that some space can be left alone) with effects thanks to Adam Jones. Oh, and yes MILLO, Im a HUGE Tool fan, and fortunately for me, Butchers lead singer Camella is married to Tool guitarist Adam Jones so, not only do I get major advice from him regarding noises here ad there, I also get the shit kicked out of me by Camella when it comes to my ideas; well duh! Look who she frickin lives with!?!


But anyway, Ive gotta reassemble my DOD 270 A-B box (had to use it for parts when I was tweaking one of my pedals) to see if my theory will work, until then, thanks again for the cool *welcomes* and advice. Oh, and for normal gigs like small clubs et al, Im only using the H&K half stack- which should be cut down to a 2x12 combo and a 15 in my opinion- but anyway... thanks a buttload guys- Ill have more questions for yall since Im somewhat new to all this gear crap!




My Band: MySpace/Butcher


Mi Casa: MySpace/The Philth

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That's a nice rig there, dude. I bought an H&K Triamp (Mk II) a couple of months ago. I absolutely love it. I paired mine with two H&K 4x12s and a ZenTerra head (with the Z-Board). I can get just about any sound I want out of my rig, now.


I don't have any Carvin gear but I keep hearing great things about it. I'm going to have to check them out at some point. I get their catalogs so I know they have some pretty nice equipment.


Welcome to the forum. There are several other forum members who gig regularly and some who gig on occasion (I am among those). There are lots of experienced people here who seem to be able to answer just about any question.


By the way, how did you get that gear diagram? I've been looking for a way to do that for myself and the other members in my band (especially the other guitarist).

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Originally posted by Darklava:

Im a HUGE Tool fan
:eek: Not that there is anything wrong with that



Nice rig....you post any music yet?

I think you may be thinking of the wrong tool....


I mean, not there's anything wrong with that.

"Without music, life would be a mistake."

--from 'Beyond Good and Evil', by Friedrich Nietzsche


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Originally posted by flagshipmile:

That rig is a monstrocity!! I hope you have a road crew to set it!



When I play the *big* shows I mentioned, I'm hiring a couple of guys to help me out. I've got everything pre-wired and labeled so, it's not that much of a bitch to set up, otherwise I'll just go half-stack or H&K head w/2x12 extention (which I havent got yet) for the smaller, more frequent gigs.


This amp (LPCustom can agree with me) is in fact an incredible amp. I'm surprised it's not as "popular" as your 'window/top shelf' boutique amps. In a way, I'm glad to be a part of the minute group of owners/users.


This is essentialy a 6 channel amp with tones ranging from heaven and hell and everything in between. In a nutshell, it's a 3 channel amp- Clean, Gain and Hi-Gain! Each channel has 2 unique channels with their own tonal characteristic as well as gain, for example:


Channel 1A (clean) has the most beautiful clean tone I've ever heard and felt. It's perfect for high headroom. Great clean tone. Stevie Ray Vaughan would've LOVED this channel.


Channel 1B Here's where you (flagshipmile) can hear the power tube breakup. It's a bit more compressed than *A* and you can dial in some grittier Country licks or even that AC/DC tone... gorgeous!


The rest of the channels (keep in mind, that was only ONE channel) are as unique as the first and as versatile as anything I've ever played; hence the purchase.


I can go from Stevie Ray to Petrucci, from Iommi to Josh Homme. Texas Blues? No problemo! Stoner Rock? It's there. Bebop? Pfft! Easy!


Great amp! Pricey- but worth every penny!



My Band: MySpace/Butcher


Mi Casa: MySpace/The Philth

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