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  1. Well, where have all those "Crumar Priests" gone ??? Tony Monaco -> Back to Hammond Frank Montis -> Back to Hammond Mitch Towne -> MAG Makes me wonder ???
  2. Other stores here in Germany still have them in stock. Just today I talked with my dealer (NOT Thomann) regarding some gear. I got my Fantom 8 from there last May. No word about the Rolands are discontiunued. I would not be the first "fight" between Thomann and a Vendor/Distributor!
  3. It‘s called „capitalism“. All those companies want our best: our money. buy it, or not, it‘s our choice….
  4. Sell your Montage8 and get a new Montage8+ in October delivered to your new location ! 😉
  5. I went from Grandstage 73 to Yamaha CP88 about 4 years ago. Never looked back. Much better keybed (my taste) and better sounds (my taste)... Check it out !
  6. iMHO the non-organ sounds in the SKX Pro are pretty useless. I use a Motof Rack ES via the lower manual for some piano and synth stuff. Masterkey possibilities are pretty nice and easy to set up.
  7. Hello, I need some "real world" experience. I am in a new search for a keyboard stereo amp. I used a Motionsound KP500 in the past and still have an old Roland SA1000 (making some trouble now). Did anyone of you guys compared the Roland KC-990 and an actual Motionsound KP610 or 612 directly? If yes, what is your resume? Many thanks, Markus
  8. Hopefully they will make an Software Update available for the SK Pro and SKX Pro !!! (maybe the XK5 is too old for an update....) I don't think the XK4 replaces the XK5. First of all it replaces the XK1c. The XK5 was introduced in 2016. I guess we will see a XK5mk2 in the near future....
  9. OK guys, when ? I just tested the K2700. But I can't stand that Fatar keybed, sorry.... Ordering a Montage 8 or waiting? But how long ????
  10. The FSB action in the PSRs is a pretty good synth action. I asked myself why they didnt put these into the moxf or modx.... Same with Korg. There Synth action in the arranger line PA4/5 is pretty good. Much better than the Kronos action....
  11. I still believe there is a Montage+ in the pipeline..... maybe we wil see it at NAMM ???
  12. Carsten Meyer (the HX3 Mastermind) posted yesterday on Facebook that the 3.6 Hardware boards are finished (new FPGA and ARM chip)..... I guess the firmware will need some time......
  13. They (Neo Instruments) had ideas for a rack version with Midi und Reverb. But it was never realised. Maybe the actual form factor is too successful or a rack version would be too expensive to get enough sales? Who knows..... I don't think there will such a version. The internal sims getting better and better too.....
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