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  1. Still rocking that Vox VX50KB with my Vox keyboards.
  2. Just put two Vox73s on top of each other and be done with it. Pretty pretty sweet.
  3. Just got it in. Sonically, it’s the full shebang. And the OB-E motherload was a pain to set up.
  4. Yeah, I focused on those socks and almost felt the music…
  5. PlugInGuru is coming up with a SWAM collab for Unify. Just heard it in yesterday’s live vid.
  6. Modeled. Only 65 MB. includes 600 MIDI files.
  7. https://www.toontrack.com/product/session-organ-ekx/
  8. Cheers, Dave. Then what would be the main internal difference between the K2088 and the PC4 ?
  9. Here’s a keyboard player that doesn’t know how to play B3
  10. One disaster evening soaking in beer and wine will suffice… That’s why I love Roland’s RD-88. No cheap particle board or MDF there
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