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OT: American Landmark Question

Kramer Ferrington III.

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There's this place I've seen in photographs and I'd love to know what it's called. I don't have the photograph so bear with me while I describe it?


It's out in a desert and somebody has grabbed a bunch of cars (at least one of them is from the 50s) and they've BURIED the front of each car in the sand.


So basically, you've got a row of cars standing at a 45 degree angle in the sand. There's a few cars, I'd say about five or six. It's really quite beautiful, especially in photos taken either at twilight or at dawn.


I've tried typing "car monument" or "car sculpture" in google but I can find nothing useful. Anyone have any idea what that place is?

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Originally posted by Guitar Geezer:

Give me a few minutes and I'll get you a link. The cadillac Ranch in West Texas. Owned by an eccentric Texas Millionaire.

Yeah, from the pictures it looks pretty much like what I was thinking of. Thanks! :D


I had no idea that they were covered in grafitti though. In all the pictures I'd seen, the dawn light hid all that. Oh, here we go... they USED to have the original, sedate, paint jobs.




Thanks again for the name, I was going crazy trying to find the name of the place.


Uhmm... wow. Love things like that :D

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