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New here.... sorta


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I've been registered for a while, but I've never really posted.... I think haha


Anyway, My name is Joe I play in a Metal band based out of Michigan called Cursed Eternity. Been doing the whole semi-professional band thing for almost 10 years, starving, sweating, bleeding my ass into the business.


I play through mostly Line 6 amplifiers live, namely a Line 6 Duoverb (The discontinued no BS amp model only dual amplified system), and Mesa/Boogie, and Engl in the studio. Guitar-wise; Fender Strats, and Gibson Les Pauls are my favorite, but I have had a BC Rich Virgin for a few years thats been very trustworthly...


I dunno, for more info about my band if you're interested in metal check out:





Just introducing myslef... I will be posting more soon Im sure!

I am sorry for the spelling errors above.... Im too lazy to correct them :)
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Thanks everyone!


LP: Hell yeah I love Lexx! Im still trying to get them all on DVD, and Im pissed it's off the air! hehe


Darklava: Im from Novi, down by the Detroit.

I am sorry for the spelling errors above.... Im too lazy to correct them :)
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Hey Xev, told me about this forum forever ago and you're finally posting on it! Anyway, I'll cut this one short and go back to the safety of my keyboard forum... you guitar people scare me.

"...Keytar in a heavy metal band is nothing more than window dressing" - Sven Golly


Cursed Eternity - My Band

Dick Ward - My Me

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Originally posted by Dazed:

From one Lexx fan to another, welcome aboard ;)

Sorry, OT, I know and I'm not trying to hijack the thread.


@Dazed and @XevKai, did you watch Lexx from the beginning with the first four episodes (first season) done by Showtime? Or did you pick it up when they started the "series" (season 2 and on)?


I'm curious because my wife and I really enjoyed the first four but didn't care for the series after about episode three. It just got too bizarre (and spent _far_ too long on fire and ice).


I also thought replacing Eva Haberman with Xenia Seeburg was a mistake.

Born on the Bayou


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Originally posted by Caevan ''SugarSkull'' O'Shite:

Shucks, A String! Ya make me sound like one o' them people in the doorways of Walmarts... ;):D


Yeah, welcome! "Xevkai" is a cool name, too...

Nah! More like one of those Welcome Wagon ladies, K!


Welcome Xevkai! I've only seen a few episodes of Lexx over the years, but I think you'll find their universe is rather normal compared to this forum. :freak:;)

It's easiest to find me on Facebook. Neil Bergman




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Welcome Joe! :wave:


Pull up a stool in this little pub of our's and join us for a "drink". As a matter of fact, the first one's on me. :thu:


God Bless :cool:

"Treat your wife with honor, respect, and understanding as you live together so that you can pray effectively as husband and wife." 1 Peter 3:7


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Yeah I have the VHS tapes with Barry Boswick hehe. I have been a sci-fi fan for awhile. I liked Fire and Ice because I thought Prince was a great character. Brigadoon was a great episode as well. I think my favorite sci-fi series as of late is Farscape but Red Dwarf will always be my favorite.



Yeah welcome again to the boards!

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