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V-Synth XT

Dave Bryce

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Originally posted by Dave Bryce:

Dude - you're into Deep Forest? :thu:


I'm literally sitting here listening to Endangered Species as I'm typing this... :cool:



Yeah, Deep Forest is absolutely cool. If you love Zawinul, as I do, you almost have to enjoy Deep Forest. Zawinul played on one of their CDs. They share a similar approach, i.e. the intermingling of world and western music. Beautiful stuff.


When I hear vocals in a foreign language, especially an exotic one, I'm not distracted by the words/lyrics and the human voice becomes this wonderful, complex instrument.



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Originally posted by tonysounds:

So when you say it does a good job of analog sounds, would you say it's Moog-ish, Arp-ish, CS80ish, Prophet-ish, Ob'heim-ish...all of the above?

I'd say it's V-synth-ish.... :idea::D


Seriously - I try not to buy into those comparisons, as I kinda don't see the point. What did all those older synths sound like? Themselves, right? ;)


I think the V-synth XT's analog sounds are excellent. They inspire me, and make me want to play them. At no time do they make me think of what older synth they sound like. Sorry...





:keys:==> David Bryce Music • Funky Young Monks <==:rawk:


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