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I need advice from the mighty Keyboard Corner...


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Ok. I have asked this type of question before, and got mixed answers at best. Then it was hypothetical and I wasn't quite serious. I am now.

I have an RD-700 (non-sx) with SRX 1 and SRX 7. I bought the board used and it came with those cards. I paid about 1700 for it. Lately I've found myself playing piano (on SRX 1) only occasionally and trying to do mostly hammond stuff and Rhodes stuff almost exclusively off the SRX 7. I really want a much better hammond sound and feel and am looking at the 2 options of the Nord and the XK-1. What could I sell the RD board used for without the cards? the plan is to get probably an xk-1 or electro and midi it up to an xv2020 for the decent piano sound, and passable rhodes off the 7 card. Could I pull all this off with just the money from the RD? I've seen xk-1's go for as low as 1325, and another important question, would I miss the weight? I can adapt well, but would my dexterity and technique suffer from the non-weighted action?

(I know that eventually I'll want to upgrade to the 11 and 12 SRX, but that wont happen yet) So could I pull it off, and would I regret it later? If you were me, what would you do?

thanks for any help


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Judging from what others have said on the board, the Hammond gets a nod over the Nord for Hammond sounds, but the Hammond's other sounds (electric pianos, etc.) are just OK.


If you're playing a fair amount of Rhodes, you might consider getting the 73 key Nord. Nice to have the additional notes, and I personally love the Rhodes sound on it, in addtion to really good Wurly and Clav. The acoustic piano is passable, but there for limited use if you need it, and the Hammond is really good. If you're only using one keyboard, that's the one if you ask me. In fact, if you're needing an XV2020 for only limited acoustic piano and Rhodes, don't even bother with it. Just get the Nord. You may miss the weighted keys of a piano, but life is a trade off.


As to making it all happen with selling your existing gear, you'll have to research that stuff on Ebay and Craigslist for yourself. I think not, but you can find out easily enough. Best of luck......

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NOBODY can answer all these questions for you.


First, as the owner of an XK1 and an Electro (I had an XK3 for a year as well), I can tell you the organ sounds are similar, and close enough, that you wouldn't lose on either one; however, the XK1's interface (drawbars) are more akin to the Hammond experience; the leslie sim on the Electro is superior. That's why I kept both: through my Speakeasy Roadbox or a leslie, the XK1 is fantastic, but I don't think the sim is all that great (but it'll be better than the sim on the SRX cards or RD700). For no leslie gigs, the Electro all the way.


Second, if you're used to playing piano, I don't know how happy you'll be with either action for piano playing. Myself, I could NOT adjust. In all 3 of my rigs, I have an 88 weighted, and an organ keyboard. I cannot play piano on a non or semi-weighted board, hard as I have tried.


Third, if you REALLY want the best of both worlds sonically (great organs, great pianos and EPs), sell the whole lot and get a Stage. The extra sounds on the XK1 are nothing to write home about and will be a huge step backward from your RD; the piano on the Electro is awful, and the EPs sound much better triggered from a different keyboard.


$1700 for the RD? You could them new for that, although the cards added some value. I think you'd be lucky to get $1000 for the unit and cards now.

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Ok, Ok, I get it. Thank you for the candid responses. I guess no one can really tell me exactly what I want, or how I'll feel after getting it. Thanks for the used gear link though, and the price estimation, because I have been checking ebay and Craigslist for a while and getting almost no information on my particular board. I'll probably just keep the RD instead of taking a loss, and be patient and save up for one of the clones, which ill try for myself.
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Originally posted by NoahZark:

Prepal.com is always a decent place to check for ballpark used gear prices.





Noah - I checked a while back and it appears the site isn't updated anymore - I looked for a PEK price a while back out of interest and it's not listed....
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I had a nord electro2/73 and could not adjust to the board. I found it played better from an 88 weighted controller, so I sold it and got a electro2 rack. I play it from an sp88x and use the kurz's piano and the rack for everything else. I'm considering using a Yam cp33, or maybe getting a stage 88 later. You might try the 88 key idea, say use the roland rd700 for piano and control an electro rack with it.
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I also own the older RD-700 (non-SX), as well as the much older Ensoniq E-Prime. I was in the market for a new board, and for me it came down to the RD-700SX vs. the Yamaha S90 ES. Both are great boards.


Bottom line summary: The Roland is easier to use but the Yamaha is more powerful. Which keyboard (action and sounds) one prefers is very subjective; I'll just say that I preferred the S90 ES and that's what I bought, just recently.


If you only use piano and organ patches and don't go (much) beyond those sounds, I would look into using the SRX 11 and 12 with your RD-700 (assuming those plug-ins work with the older board).


I did not get an opportunity to try the Yamaha CP300, but I did try a CP33. It was okay, but it didn't wow me. Of course, the CP33 is not as expensive. But it is not flexible enough for my needs. I saw a latin jazz band recently where the keyboard player had a CP33. The only sound he used was the piano patch. It was adequate, but nothing more, IMHO.




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