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MKS 70 issue. Gone Mute


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Here's something strange. My Super JX went mute a couple of months ago.

Otherwise, it functions perfectly. I can change patches and see the

MIDI indicator light when I hit keys, but nothing comes out. Not from

the headphone jack, or any of the four outputs.


I had just called a service center to make and appointment and took it

out of the rack.


When I got in on the floor I decided to give it one more try. Lo And

Behold, it worked again.


I'm still going to have it serviced. Can anyone think of what's wrong.


NO it isn't the volume control. :^)



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May help - may not...


I once had a problem with a kurtz rackmount sampler that behaved like this.


The tech showed me where the outputs had these little transistors which were supposed to prevent "pops" when changing the sound.


He said sometimes they went south and "stuck closed".


Since I didn't care about popping between patches, he just clipped mine off. Worked fine after that....

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yep cap'n that's sometimes a problem... they also get noisey as hell and i've modded unit's for guy's by elimineting them... however since in this case the headphone went too it's doubtful... but coming back on is a great sign... may be pita but probably just a bad connect somewhere... 75-80% of the time it comes down to physical not electrical... good luck..
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I've pretty much reached the conclusion that there's a cold solder join somewhere. However, I've been putting of the eprom upgrade for over a year now. I think I'll get it upgraded, all tuned up, maintanted and spiffed out by the service center. I'm sure it will be worth it.



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