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  1. Exactly- I trade up every 5 years, pretty much whenever Apple makes a major design change. The old machine usually gets me about 1/3 of the way to the new machine.
  2. I opted for the 16” M1 Max 32GB, my thought is you get as much as you can now because you want to future-proof it, and because you can’t otherwise upgrade components. I should have opted for a 2 TB drive though.
  3. Two big points right there. My 20-something nephew wishes vehemently that he would have been able to hear Nirvana play live; my late 30's nephew (now a jazz guitarist and teacher) was a huge Led Zeppelin fan in his teens. I can't listen to "classic rock" or even "prog rock" that much anymore, because if I hear Dream On by Aerosmith one more time I will scream. I find myself looking for anything else to listen to these days. In my car I have been listening to Sirius XM Channel 700-something (743?) called Luna, which is latin jazz. At work just for fun we put on Bach Brandenburg Concertos and it was refreshing. Jeez, this is turning into a rant...but a lot of the new music, with heavy emphasis on computerized beats, autotuned vocals, squashed dynamics, etc. just doesn't appeal to me.
  4. Ah, thank you! So is HEIC now supported, or should I convert image files for upload?
  5. So I decided to go with the Focal Alpha Evo 50 monitors, partly from recommendation by Sweetwater but also because they fit my price range and because I liked the form factor with front port. This is a preliminary setup, I needed to get the monitor up over my laptop. I am sure some will comment on how wide apart they are, but at least I am sitting at the center of an isosceles-bordering-on-equilateral triangle. If I had more room I would move them closer together behind my gear. But at least on first naive listening with both source material and playing my synths, it sounds very clear, has good stereo image (I hear the singer standing in the center, so to speak) and the bass is enough for me; low notes come in strong, and unlike my long-lost ADAM Sub8 the windows down't rattle! From my point of view it is just nice to be able to take off the headphones....! (hmmm...I thought I could just upload the pic?)
  6. If money was no object I would throw in a Synclavier.
  7. Usually when there is a big upgrade/change in a website, it takes some getting used to, but this looks a whole lot better than the old site. Well done!
  8. Will do, I have a pair of monitors on the way, will report back once I have had a chance to try them out. Just don't expect any expert opinions regarding "transparency" or other subtle subjective terms....
  9. When Infinite Response closed operations they thanked their "hundreds of customers.". They come up for sale now and then, currently there are two on Reverb but the owners are asking a bit too much; they are rare but a specialty item. As a polyAT controller it is one of the best ever, but it is a big compromise with regard to being a piano controller- the keys are weighted and sprung, so they "push back" and get fatiguing to play. Also the key edges are too sharp for organ glisses. I have one and generally love it for the PolyAT; one of the reasons I keep it are its really cool form factor (though I don't gig so I have never folded it). Also, my other two polyAT controllers are 30 and 33 years old, respectively. I would love to see either a modern MIDIBoard or a less expensive version of a VAX-77 without the folding mechanism and a more tradition piano- or synth-weighted action. As a side note, my undergraduate major (at a Big Ten University) was in microbiology, and I did infectious disease research on my way to earning an MD. You may have noticed that I never participate in those types of discussions here...
  10. Brother dB, thanks for chiming in! After doing more research I have decided to move up a level or two, so I am now comparing the Kali IN-5 with the Focal Alpha Evo 50. My guess is that I can't go to wrong with either, and they are still in a reasonable price range. I do think a 5" design will work well for my space requirements.
  11. @Kuru- I have some Auralex MoPADs to help with the monitor isolation, and some adjustable stands. I can make some adjustments, and I will be able to get close to the center of the 15' wall. I am trying not to go too big on the monitors (hence the 5"), and if I really need more bass I could always get another sub. Unfortunately I can't get the monitors much farther from the wall, ain't no room. I have heard good things about the JBLs, perhaps the only detrimental thing was some audible hiss when the monitors are idle. In this case I am going to go with my local Guitar Center, because there may be some back-and-forth. btw- I am pretty impressed; I have been here going on 22 years, and you have been here, what, two? Yet you have almost twice as many posts. The questioned begged is how do you find time to do anything else? :laugh:
  12. OK, it has only been a year, but I have a related question: I just play for fun; haven't gigged in years and years, and don't really have any inclination to record/mix/publish/etc. my music. My wife (a well-known business journalist) has been working from home for literally decades, so I tend to have to play thru headphones. Years ago while dB was working for ADAM Audio, I purchased directly through him a pair of ADAM S2A's and a Sub8. Didn't get to use them that much because I had to be quiet while she was on deadline. While redoing my "studio" (half of my home office) including painting, the ADAMs sat out in our hallway for "a few" months. One of the subcontractors expressed interest in them, and she sold them (hey! You weren't using them!). I have finally built up enough guilt points on her scorecard to get myself a new set of monitor speakers, because I am tired of playing thru headphones. So... The room is roughly 15' x 13', with 10' ceilings. The speakers will have to be placed near the 15' wall, about 6' apart, and I will be sitting about 4-5' away. There is a fair amount of furniture in the room. I ill be playing mostly "electronic" music, ambient, etc. though I also have a guitar amp (actually a Kemper with a powered Kemper cabinet). I have read all of the above, but don't feel I need to spend beaucoup bucks because I just want to hear myself, not mix with pristine accuracy. I am thinking along the lines of the JBL LSR 305, Yamaha HS7, or KRK G4. Any other suggestions? Am I nuts? thx all!
  13. That, and running into the limit of available space in my dwelling. This is definitely an issue. My "studio" takes up about half my home office, and there is the threat that the "L" may turn into a "U"! Hmmm.....do I really need a home office???
  14. Pizza Vanilla ice cream Split pea soup with ham lox platter- toasted bagel whipped cream straight from the can into my mouth, then suck on the nitrous oxide when it runs out....
  15. Well, that's not me, but I am getting pretty close. The only thing I am really lacking is a "centerpiece" analog polysynth, but I am in no great hurry (neither it seems is Moog). Zebra2, DIVA, TAL-J-8, Memorymode all controlled with an Electra One pretty much handles it for me. But MC- you do have quite the (vintage) synth collection, that would definitely help quell GAS...
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