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Semi-OT: The Best Way to Sell Used Gear


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Hi All,


I tend to be somewhat of a packrat when it comes to keyboards I no longer use.......and now the wife is starting to bit...., err, complain.....so it looks like I will be unloading some gear. It's been a while since I've done this, so I was just wondering as to the method by which folks have experienced the most success. E-Bay? Local Newspaper? "Bargain Finder" type newspaper? Keyboard forums (Ha!)? Please note this is not a sales pitch....just collecting info.



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It should be fairly obvious, if you think about it. In order to maximize your potential return, you need to maximize the number of potential buyers; therefore, something local like Craigslist will be inferior to eBay. However, there's more involved with putting an item onto eBay, such as a Paypal account, shipping and handling of your items, etc. Of course, you can always set an eBay auction up for local pickup only...


So you need to ask yourself; how much effort are you willing to put in, versus how much you expect (need) to make from your gear?

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I just sold a pretty good pile of gear. I don't do the ebay thing because it's too crime ridden, and I wouldn't have any good seller feedback anyway.


I advertised on Craig's List and amidst all the warnings from them about scammers, I had about 20 downright obvious scam offers and several highly suspicious contacts. I did end up selling one piece through a CL contact.


Everything else was sold by ads on the keyboard and synthesizer forums I frequent, including this one. Snapped up, in fact. I felt a lot better about shipping stuff to people I already knew from hanging out on forums.



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