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Morph The Cat, Break Out, Neighborhood


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3 CD's I just bought.


Donald's in fine form. What's the diff between this and a SD album?


Bought the Soulive disc based on the interview in Keyboard. Very cool, and funk that just drools from the speakers. If you like that 70's style thing, this is your disc.


The last one is from Manu Katché, and is a lot more subdued than I would have thought. A beautiful jazz album though, with Jan Gabarek on sax.


Not reviews really, I was just listening to them tonight in the studio.

What we record in life, echoes in eternity.


MOXF8, Electro 6D, XK1c, Motif XSr, PEKPER, Voyager, Univox MiniKorg.


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I just saw the last show of Donald's tour in Santa Barbara on Friday night. Crazy tight, great playing, and Donald in fine form. Keys were Donald on the ol' suitcase Rhodes 88 (the last version with the flat top) and Jeff Young on Triton 88 (first version, not Extreme or Studio) and Roland VK-8 and backing vocals.


Not much difference to my ears now between a DF album and a SD album though..........but I do miss Walter on stage..

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"The Great Pagoda of Funn", 2:50 into the song, Marvin Stamm's trumpet solo. I love that little opening lick so much that I stole... err... I mean "borrowed"... err... was "heavily influenced by" it during a jam session last weekend. IIRC, Stamm is quote Wayne Shorter's "Aja" out chorus on the fade.


Thanks for the tip on "Neighborhood". On the surface, it seems like a must-buy for me. I've liked Garbarek since Keith Jarrett's "Belonging" and "My Song", but especially the former.

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