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kawai grand?

piano kidd

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now now...


It is true - I hate them too, but let's be a little more constructive to the new guy :D:D:D


I don't like the mouse trailer thing. I also find that your website is overly flashy for my taste.


Great content on there though.

I'm just saying', everyone that confuses correlation with causation eventually ends up dead.
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First of all Mr. NoahZark the quote was the "BEST" so if you have a problem with this you can take that up with Jerry Lee himself and as for anything else my track record speaks for itself.

P.S. by the end of the night the KILLER was calling me a "REAL PIANO PLAYER"! What kinda of

keyboards do ya'll play -a computer keyboard?

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Actually - according to this source: http://www.schooners.com/band_kenny_kidd.htm


The quote is fastest....


quote: "Son, let me tell you something," said Lewis to the reporter, who dutifully took the quote to print. "I've heard'em all...and I've never told anyone this before, but (Kidd is) the fastest piano player I've ever seen"


So which is it? Best or fastest?

I'm just saying', everyone that confuses correlation with causation eventually ends up dead.
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Gotta love another quote from that schooners.com article: "Kidd -- ever mindful of his profession's mandatory standards of excellence -- remains steeped in humility."


Hmm, perhaps some of that humility has faded over time???


Look, Mr. Piano Kidd, if Jerry Lee called you best/fastest/greatest piano player, good for you. You can take that to your grave and be proud of it. I've listened to the stuff on your site, however, and although the chops are damn good, superlatives like "best ever" just don't come to my mind. Hence, I'm skeptical of the Jerry Lee quote (or least of Jerry Lee's state of mind when he made it). If he did, though, bully for you. Shout it to the mountaintops (as you seem to be doing a good job of doing).




P.S. If you're gonna post a new question, you may want to start a new thread instead of just changing the first message in one of your old posts. These replies now look entirely off-topic to your "Kawai grand" question.

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Hey NoahZark it was "BEST and FASTEST" Im sorry you can't swallow it.I am not shouting to any

mountain top about it, it was printed in my

bio from which I didn't write to begin with.

As far as Schooners that has nothing to do with

my web site! You guys are the one making the

issues. As far as changing the thread I was

serious about the piano I have GIGS to go play

and I don't have time to argue about a "QUOTE"

that was said and if you would have paid attention to anything else on my site you'd see

and HEAR my world doesn't revolve around Jerry Lee Lewis. I guess a real piano forum would be the appropriate place to chat with the BIG DOGS!

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