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Nord organ sound - tweaks ?

The Captain

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My organ sounds are stock - usually use preset 8.

I'm looking to make it scream a little more...


Just got back from a sunday nite thang using my electro on top of a house p120 into a bose pas.


Yama sounded great when I listened to the jazz combo before us, but oy vey - there was some serious "phasing" going on when I played it.


Electro sounded just great on clav and wurly.

Organ sounded ok - just didn't scream ...

I even used my tube preamp.


I've noticed this before - it's tough to get the upper notes on the organ sound to really reach out and bite...


By comparison, I normally use a cx-3->tubepre->leslie which does the trick for me (and the rest of the band too....

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Are you making full use of the swell pedal? I usually play with the pedal at minimum or thereabouts. This improves the tone IMHO. When you want to scream and shout a dab of the pedal will do the trick.


Why did the house P120 sound great when you listened out front and then phasey when you played it? Probably just that the monitoring system was in mono so it sounded crap when you were playing it yourself.

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Crank the master volume and patch level to 10. Set the distortion to about 2 or 3. Keep the pedal on low and use it for stabs.


Adjust your overall level at your amp, mixer, or FOH.


This gives the Electro a much fuller, present tone.

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