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Found Hamond Porta B for $


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A porta B has tone wheels. It's basically an L100 in a "portable" (that word is misleading) case with removable legs.


Not sure about the price, but if it's in real good condition it could be worth that much.

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I used to rent porta-b's back in the day whenever my C3 was in the shop. From what I remember is was fairly accurate with regard to the true tonewheel sound. It does have a real tonewheel generator as DanL stated. I think that it has a different Vibrato/Chorus scanner ala the L1xx series.

I remember it being heavy. Each piece was well over 100 lbs.

With no leslie, the asking price seems a bit high. I have bid on a couple on ebay that wound up going in the $400 range. Of course you had to add in $300 - $400 in shipping.

It has built in speakers so you should be able to give it a good workout. If it runs good and is in decent shape I would haggle a little. Seems like you are in the ball park. It's certainly a better potential gigging board then the M3 with its ability to be split into 2 pieces.


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