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Zeger..tonight while you're watching my name is earl..


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Originally posted by Linwood:

I'll be watchin' Metheny/D.Sanchez/McBride/A.Sanchez...

Bastid :mad::evil::freak::(



ok. I'm over it now. :rolleyes:


I used to be a HUGE Pat Metheny fan. I bought the 'white album' and played it 'til the phonograph needle dug through the other side of the record. ;) Then I bought the CD.


A couple years later I bought a CD player. :freak::D


Enjoy yourself Linwood.



"Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent." - Victor Hugo
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Thanks Tom. Wish you could join us and we could have massive amounts of beer and heckle metheny. 'Play something you know!"...I'm taking my son, who's a guitar player himself and it's so much fun to sit with him. Last time I took him to a jazz show, we saw Pat Martino and Joey D. I had us so close Ryan could have polished martino's mufkin shoes. Totally blew him away.
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Why would I waste 30 minutes of my life watching "My Name Is Earl" when I'll be watching "Dancing With The Stars" to see John O'Hurley and his dazzling partner Charlotte Jorgensen capture the ballroom dancing crown that so rightfully belongs to them.




I already noted today in Outlook as "I hate Linwood because he's seeing the PM Trio and I'm not" Day. Hope you can suffer through it, you poor SOB.




BTW, I'll be seeing Bebel Gilberto at the Blue Note in NYC next week. Then on my way back to my hotel, I may catch Freddie Hubbard's second set at Iridium. :cool:


So, take THAT!!!

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Boy, that was fantastic! Seeing musicians like that really does the soul good. He played the first 30 mins by himself doing reharms of a few of his tunes, then brought out C. McBride and A. Sanchez. David Sanchez played on the last 6 tunes or so. Freakin' brilliant! His set was maybe 2 hours.
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