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>> KORG vs ROLAND KEYBOARDS: Who's the best?


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Korg vs. Roland... a tie

Simultaneous double knockout in the 12th round


I vote for Korgland. It's good...IT'S GOOOOOOOD! (I'm shopping for a digital piano at the moment, haven't tried any of these brands yet)Maybe in a few weeks I will be wiser.(Although I doubt it)

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Originally posted by mildbill:

kurzweil, access, waldorf, clavia, moog, dave smith, yamaha


then if there's any time left over we can get to korg and roland.

Yeah...See the thing is... Kurzweils suck in quality..yeah.. That's why I just talked to a guy at the local Korg dealer who had gone through oh....3+ PC88's in a very small amount of time... One time the key weights even fell off.


Repair shops will back me up on this. I used to love Kurzweil.. but I don't like cheap crap..


Access is an entirely different thing. Don't bring lightweights into a heavyweight competition.


Moog... No argument there... Bob Moog invented the things.... Gotta' love him. Plus he's sVedish, which automatically makes him cool.


Waldorf??? Waldorf??? You're bringing an entirely different kind of animal in... Not even comparable.


Oh, and please notice the title of the poll is not "say whatever the hell you feel like." It's JUST A POLL between Korg and Roland.



"You have seen as to do, dude, isn't it?" -Korg PA80 manual
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