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2 channel Hammond Suzuki Leslies?


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In the excellent tone cabinet database




I see some special Leslie's with rotating horn and stationary inputs for other keyboard sounds (rather like the Motion Sound stuff).


THe model numbers are 302, 310, 312, 315, 322, 323.


The concept is very interesting, and I'm tempted to try and find one. Anbody got any experience?

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Originally posted by ABECK:

Just curious....does anyone know the difference between the 147 and the 122? I always wondered.

Same cabinet, speakers, and crossover. The amp is almost the same.


Some say that the 145 type amp in the 147 is slightly brighter than the amp in the 122.


The 147 passes 120 VAC directly to the relay in the leslie amp to switch the motors.


The 122 uses a DC relay to switch the motors, activated by a dc bias voltage applied to the output signal.


The 147/145 can have hum problems sometimes as a result of being unbalanced, and can produce an amplified pop when switching speeds.


The 122 tends not to have these problems.


You do NOT want to plug a 122 into an organ which is set up for a 147, and vice versa. You WILL see smoke.



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