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Another B-3 joins the living!


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A few months ago I aquired a 1957 B-3 in Mahagony finish. I drove it up from N California

having never heard it ( on a friends assurance ). Well recently I finally got a cherry 122 and the big moment came.


I threw the switch and nothing at all came out of it. You can Imagine the major league dissapointment that washed over and consumed every fibre of my being.


Well today the Organ tech came to the house and replaced three tubes, fixed the non-working percussion, disconnected the spring reverb and replaced two resistors along with two pedal contacts.


The result was a perfect B-3, perhaps the best I have ever played or heard in my life.

The pre-amp, key contacts and all internal workings are virtually new.


My guitar player friends can't seem to understand the elation this brings me so I though I would share with people of my own ilk.


Anyhoo just thought I'd share.




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To say they don't make 'em like they used to, is definately selling the Hammond short. They are without a doubt the most reliable keyboard ever created. Sure after years of playing this or that might need cleaning or a tube might need replacement, but they are truly amazing especially given the mechanical complexity of the device. Your' B3 (and my '57 C3) is nearly 50 years old. They aren't even close to giving up the ghost.



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