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Okay, so how do you use Ribbon Controllers?


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I just started using the ribbon in the Triton. I was very curious about how it felt -- I had tried joysticks, but never a ribbon controller. It feels weird but cool at the same time... I like it latched/non latched depending on the sound I'm using, I don't have a special preference so far. I don't know yet what effects to use it for... first I'm learning the possibilities, so by now I'm sticking to the factory presets for each program or combination.


I had fun testing it with some electric guitars, I don't know which effect was routed to the ribbon but the effect was very good. Anyway, I am also realising that this thing requires to develop some ability, as with the joystick. It's so easy to try it for a while and have fun, that you could think you already master it... but it isn't so easy to avoid excesses and keep a good sound throughout all the ribbon applied effect.




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I tend to route filter parameters to the ribbon, but anything is possible depending on the prog or combi I'm working on. I like to latch the effect more often then have it unlatched (I prefer the joystick for "snap back" action) and the only ribbon equipped gear I own is the Triton (61 keys).
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