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Where the f**k is my thread?

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stranger, the only threads I delete are obvious spam ones from people with post counts of 1 or 2. surely as a regular of SSS you are used to looking for threads beyond page 1....
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Originally posted by Addix Metzatricity:

Originally posted by the stranger:

Looking for other forms of stimuli. :D

Nice to see that music made the cut. :P
Music is what I do in the evening after I get my wonderful wife and kid to bed. Politics/news/infogathering on the SSS is what I do in the morning while I drink my coffee.

But, I've been slacking by not taking the opportunity to share and interact with people on more than just the political level.

The internet holds so many possiblities to connect with others, it is staggering.

(Which is one of the reasons I get hooked on the political discussion.)



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Yeah, It will be a nice break and I'm inclined to think it won't return on the same level as it was, which should be great. We've all said our peace and we should talk about the future and where we are going instead of arguing over where we have been.



What the f**k are you doing in my thread?! I'm real sorry your team members are always hangin' in the mens locker room. This doesn't mean you need to be cluttering up this thread with your nonsense.

What is your team? The Gods Of Rest Stops? :D



What were you saying? :freak:

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