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way OT; pray for a woulded soldier


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I heard today from a guy I work with that his

brother, Scott Stevens, in Iraq with the Army, was in

a Hum V that went over a bomb on Thanksgiving day. He was cut very severely on one leg and over his stomach, and has 3rd degree burns over 70% of his body, from the chest down. He is in bad shape, but hanging on, and on his way from Germany

to the burn unit at Wilford Hall in San Antonio, in a medically induced coma so he doesn't feel the pain of his injuries. His

family is freaking out, understandably. If you're at all into prayer, please pray for Scott and his family. He has a very long, hard pull ahead of him.

Always remember that you are unique. Just like everyone else.





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I have a nephew who just returned home from his first tour with the Marines in Fallujah. As a small child, Adam adopted me as his favorite relative. He spent a lot of his life (over summers and weekends) with me and Eileen. As a father of three, I can honestly say that I love him as a son.


He saw a whole kettle of crap over there. Had his hummer blown up underneath him three times! Thank God that they now have better armor plating. He lost good friends, sometimes when they were standing right beside him. Through the grace of God (or just dumb luck, if you will) he made it home fine - physically, at least.


I will pray for Scott. I pray the Lord speeds his recovery and eases his pain. I pray for everyone over there. I pray for peace.

Push the button Frank.
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