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Critic's corner - post your finished compositions here

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Hey Guys,


Here's a few tracks that I've made via multitracking the different instruments in myself. I'm only 17 and hence forth do not have very high quality recording gear, and all of this is done at home in my bedroom here on my pc.


Fire Comments away. :)

It's not that high quality, but I'm wondering if from a compositional point of view - If I may have some potential here at all..



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Here's something I worked very hard on... the goal was to bring back the worst of every 80's montage song and package it into a lean-mean monster of a track! :thu:


For this feat - I had to make sure it included:


1) Arpeggios

2) Reversed Reverb

3) Bad Lyrics

4) 16th note Kick and Tom Variations

5) String Hits

6) Cheese Factor

7) Grandiose Vocal Performance

8) less than 30 minutes of effort




I welcome all opinions :)



Neil Parfitt

Gear List: Empty Wallet

Studio Shot: http://www.neilaudio.com/jerker/jerker1.jpg

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My name is Tom Paul and I am new here.  This is a song we just completed.  I wrote, sang and played guitars and bass.  Charlie Morgan drummed.  John Marsden added strings, keys and mixed it.  My daughter sang a backing harmony too.  It's about a friend who drank himself to death in Feb...literally.  For some, the disease of alcoholism is no joke.  He was a nice guy during his stints of sobriety.


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Yesterday was Erik Satie’s birthday, so to commemorate his memory I’ve released one of my microtonal gymnopédies.


As you might know no one exactly knows what Satie really meant when he used the word to describe his music, but what we do know is that there’s an undeniable link with Ancient Greece. This is why I decided to use an Ancient Greek scale for this one.


Hope you all enjoy :)




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