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Are there some sticky topics you'd like to see?

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- A list of good orchestration resources (books, websites)

- How-tos on instrumental programmatic composition: how do you approach scoring films, writing based on literature/visual art/etc?

- Composing with cues/hits; composing within time limits



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Originally posted by Geoff Grace:

Here\'s an idea .





And a good one at that. I think the first sticky will partly incorporate your idea and David's above i.e. a list of good reading resources :thu:


And if the CCW takes off, Geoff, more than happy to sticky that as well ;)

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Ok, how about a "Critics Corner" sticky? The other "check out my recording" threads in other forums tend to either emphasize performance or recording techniques; this should be the forum for discussing the songwriting and composition of a recording.


Music is subjective, so it's hard to give good feedback around here and keep the convivial atmosphere we all love. Is there a link to how music compositions are scored, perhaps at the college level? Or maybe someone can share? It's tough when all you see is "cool" and "well done" (although those are nice to see), but is it too brutal to suggest something like "the bridge doesn't work for me"? The point is not to offend, but to offer opinion (everyone's will be different) and perhaps educate.


Or should we all just use something like TAXI instead?

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