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BONO'S VIDEO WITH SINATRA worst music video ever

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I just saw perhaps the worst music video ever! It starts out with clips of Frank Sinatra singing "I got you under my skin." Then to the other side of the screen Bono starts up singing along. Many times BONO won't phrase the line the same, so it sounds way out of sync. This was a poor attempt to copy what was done with old Nat King Cole and his daughter. The big difference was that the Nat King Cole production fit together nicely and could almost be a convincing duo. This Bono/Sinatra thing was probably put together in less than a few hours.

I would call this production A MESS !





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Originally posted by jpmiii:

That reminds me of the old Saturday Night Live skit with Adam Sandler playing Bono and (I think) Phil Hartman playing Sinatra. Sinatra ends up beating Bono up for being a putz.

The real life video was worth it just for giving SNL that skit. The late Phil Hartman did a classic Sinatra in a few SNL skits. Funny funny stuff.
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Sinatra did the "Duets" sessions, his last, when his skills and energy were declining. His performances were not that bad for a man of his age, but according to Phil Ramone, a challenge to capture. He recorded his parts live in front of the orchestra with a handheld mic, with no knowlege of who would be singing the duet part, or what they would sing.


From what I've heard of the upcoming Ray Charles duet album, Ray's last will be a different story. He reportedly found it difficult to sing some days, but he was fully engaged in this recording until the end, to the best of his abilities.

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