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A 24yr old youth from my wife's church got shot

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...he didn't make it before they took him off the respirator. Never knew the guy, but seen him when I go to get my wife & kids. This area is (was) relatively benign. There was a block party there on Saturday night which I cruised thru (will family) looking for pan roasted chicken.



Shot driving from church


NY Daily News


Bx. man brain-dead after carjack horror






Tommy Lee Wray


A recent college graduate headed home from a church youth group meeting was brain-dead after being shot by a would-be carjacker in the Bronx early yesterday, cops and relatives said.

Tommy Lee Wray was shot in the head by a thug who then ran off, but he still tried to drive his 2000 Nissan to his mother's home four blocks away, police said. The well-liked 24-year-old scholar and athlete crashed into a light pole in Eastchester about 1:15 a.m. and never regained consciousness.


The suspect was described as a black man in his 20s, 5-feet-5 and wearing a white shirt, blue jeans and a do-rag. But while cops looked for him yesterday, Wray's friends and family were searching for answers.


"These senseless acts of violence, they have to stop!" fumed Blake Simpson, 29, a close friend of Wray's. "You don't get to walk around and take somebody else's life for no reason. That's not okay."


Wray and a girlfriend were accosted on E. 233rd St. near Wilder Ave., on the edge of Seton Falls Park, as they drove back from a youth group meeting at Oneness Rehoboth Apostolic Church in Mount Vernon, cops and relatives said...

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There are no words. I hope the killer is caught. Geez...5 foot 5? Some jerk with a Napoleon complex. Sigh.


With that, I'm glad his family is a Church-going family...I hope that will give them some solace...



"Cisco Kid, was a friend of mine"
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Bought 'Bowling' at the weekend, America is scary...!


THIS happened here in '96, resulting in:


"A massive campaign was launched after Dunblane for tighter gun controls.


The Snowdrop Campaign was successful in achieving a change in the law in 1997, making it illegal to buy or possess a handgun."


Ok, we haven't eradicated gun crime by any means, but I still feel a lot safer!!!


Methinks it would be a LOT harder to do this Stateside tho, both actually getting the law changed AND trying to enforce it...

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That's terrible and entirely senseless.


5'5"? Probably some punk-ass kid trying to be "hard" for his boys. I mean, were inner city kids doing this shit 30 years ago.. or did it take the media to brain-wash them into thinking their highest aim was to be a drug dealing ganster, hence "cool"? When they catch him (or somebody that looks like him), I bet they'll find his dad is already in jail or dead, otherwise he may have knocked some sense into him.


One of the things I got from B.F.C. was the idea of the role of the media in America's violence problem.



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Originally posted by Phait:

Suddenly the allure of NY is equivalent to a huge amount of fecal matter.

Or anywhere else that guns exsist which is pretty much anywhere in this country.Until that changes this will unfortunately happen again.Very sad situation that happens too many times and not just here.
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Can we refrain from the political pro gun / anti-gun commentary - or save it for the political thread where it belongs please? Simple expressions of condolences for Drew's family friend, support for Drew, and / or outrage over the senseless, violent action of an individual would seem to be more appropriate for this thread than politicial commentary. :rolleyes:
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How true, Phil. This is a human problem. If the guy had been desperate enough, it would have been a knife, or whatever. The gun was the medium, the message is what concerns me...that some good kid can have his life snuffed out over a car.
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