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Have you ever lost a pedal?


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I got in the mood for a wah pedal. Watched YouTube videos, read reviews, and finally decided on the Dunlop CryBaby 535Q. Got on Amazon, checked the price, and then saw the notice at the top of the page. "You last purchased this item on July 15, 2009." What? Wait? I do remember buying it. So where is it. What did I do with it? I know I didn't sell it. The only pedal I ever sold was a ZVex Limited Edition Fuzz Factory number 4 of 5 from NAMM. We never got along. I could not control it. Decided to find it a better home. Anyway, I have searched my house twice and cannot find my wah pedal. I do have a storage unit. Maybe it is there. This is driving me crazy. I once lost a Eurorack module and it took me 3 years to find it.

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I've never lost a pedal. I've forgotten I owned one before.

And some of them have died a horrible death due to insane projects (I shoehorned a Bazz Box into a Lyle ES335 knockoff when I was a kid) or because they were not built to last - an Ibanez widget with 3 pedals for distortion, delay and chorus comes to mind. It was solid plastic and worked great until it didn't.


I had a RAT that could not be killed, should have kept it.

It took a chunk of my life to get here and I am still not sure where "here" is.
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I"m missing some. A couple I want back.


Visual Sound Rt 808 - another tube screamer. I think it was in a fire... see below. At least my pedal steel came out of the fire with nothing more the smoke damage. The lost the case though.


Ibanez DE-7 digital delay. I think it was lost in a fire at a practice place. It"s a cheaper delay but I really liked it. It also simulated an analog delay well


My old EHX Memory Man. I"m afraid it got thrown out when Dad"s basement flooded. I"ve looked several times. That is my favorite chorus sound ever. It"s noisy but great. Doesn"t run off dc power supply. It"s an oldie with the 2 prong electric cord hardwired to the the box.

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I sadly have no idea what ever happened to a super cool 1960's JAX FY-2 Master Fuzz Unit that I used to have; a friend left it with someone to give to me when he moved away, and it was one sick sandblaster of a fuzz.


Looked like this:



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I definitely lose track of things in my house, generally things like my keys, wallet, that sort of thing, but I've never lost a piece of gear playing out, or even had one disappear in my house?


FWIW, I keep an old-fashioned file folder with all of my gear receipts, and I have a Word Doc on my desktop which is a current list of ALL of my Music Gear, every Pedal, Guitar, Synth, Amp, Footswitch, and major accessory. I don't keep a count on Instrument & MIDI cables, picks, or packs of spare strings, but everything else is on the list.


Storage unit seems like a likely suspect. Good hunting!

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