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SOT - My favorite bassist gets some love.

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Sort of off topic but me no care ....





"It doesn't have to be difficult to be cool" - Mitch Towne


"A great musician can bring tears to your eyes!!!

So can a auto Mechanic." - Stokes Hunt


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I know nothing about bass and bass players, but this was sick. The man gets extra credits for playing upright. I don't like electric bass all that much as a jazzer. Great video, thanks!
Trumpet player by trade, but fell in love with keys too.
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Great bassplayer Might add this video. He was also a composer, but here in a old danish folksong together with Kenny Drew on piano.


Hope it also are visible in US. There are some conflict going on about copyrights between Koda and Google right now, so all danish music at YouTube will be removed this saturday ( https://www.koda.dk/eng)



/Bjørn - old gearjunkie, still with lot of GAS
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I'm a fan, but some bass players surprisingly are not. Seems that they find his technique somewhat off-putting. Kind of reminds me of some criticisms I used to hear occasionally about Oscar Peterson. I don't know if it's resentment or just that some people are so blinded by the technique that they don't listen more closely and appreciate the lyricism and subtlety.


Incidentally, this is one of my favorite piano/bass albums:



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I have always enjoyed and appreciated bass players. As a blues/soul player Bass is what holds or drives the music I play. I am blown away by the groove he creates even

though he plays so many notes. Very talented!



Those are my principles, and if you don't like them... well, I have others. Groucho




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