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Budget 49 key MIDI controller

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I got the urge to record some music, installed REAPER a couple of weeks ago. I bought a used Novation Launchkey 49, which works fine, but seems to not get along with the USB controller, driver, or whatever on my Windows 10 PC. I have to try a bunch of times to get it work, unplugging other USB devices, trying to plug them in in various orders, etc.


So I'm looking for a replacement. I want something that is not too expensive, that can sit on my couch, my lap, or whatever. A decent action that you can use to record drums and bass, for piano stuff I can move my laptop over to my stage piano and use that. I would like to have a couple of programmable knobs, but I don't need the typical Ableton Live EDM setup or anything like that.

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There are a zillion possibilities out there. If you want something with 49 full sized keys, consider the Samson Graphite 49, which is solid, playable, reasonably full featured, plays well without a lot of driver fussiness, and is unbelievably cheap for the quality you get. If even that is too much, the Carbon 49 is even cheaper and lighter.


If you want something with smaller keys, or fewer keys, or both, the field widens enormously. Just ask!

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I may be the exception to the rule on the Graphite - two keys died on mine the first week. Returned it for an Arturia Keylab 49. Pretty happy with it for couch noodling with Ipad apps.


However if you are planning to use it for organ, it"s inconvenient having the slide faders on the right.

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Can't recommend anything, but can tell you what not to get the Roland A-49. I was told keys were full size and they are a really strange size especially the black keys. Plus I had to install a special driver for it so I would skip that one. Love my RD-2000 don't like the Roland A-49.
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Nektar is good for DAWs: I have a T4 and like it.



There are cheaper ones you will see

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I did have a Samson Carbon 49, and gave it to my granddaughter when she needed a controller. Liked it well enough to buy the Carbon 61 after a few months. Good for the times I want a lightweight controller with more keys than my iRig Pro 37.

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I wish the Samson had an expression pedal input, that would make it perfect. Anything else in that approx price range with expression pedal and sustain pedal inputs?


No, and the only solutions are peripherals. Might as well go up a tier.


Here for the gear.

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