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  1. Yeah, it makes sense that a less extreme fix for gender dysphoria than hormone injections, social "gender transitioning", and surgery will come along. But there will still be people with autogynephilia, etc., for whom this is more voluntary. By the way, it's not correct that there are more than two sexes. Sex is defined by gamete size, of which there are two, namely egg cells and spermies. So intersex conditions are not new sexes.
  2. If you are interested in used boards, the RD-700NX has a light action.
  3. The V-Piano Expansion is the new feature, with 17 patches that I assume are variations of the same basic sound. Available for $149 from Roland Cloud. https://www.roland.com/global/products/rc_v-piano_expansion_01_german_concert/
  4. Unusual genre for this forum, but I think this one is fun 🤘
  5. I think the reason why people are surprised is that this is an undocumented feature of the RD-88, and it's an unusual feature on a budget board. Maybe it's an oversight by Roland?
  6. They are still trying to turn the taskbar into the macOS Dock, like they first tried with Windows 7, except you could change some settings to get the old one back there. In Windows 11 you can't have one taskbar button per window, it's per app. There is no option to have the window titles on the buttons, and you can't have small icons. So the taskbar uses more vertical space than it needs to to, especially on large screens. And it's less useful. And they removed the drag-and-drop support, for some reason. I also don't understand the new start menu. It's like they are trying to copy phone and tablet user interfaces. But both in iOS and Android you can actually access your recently used apps if you want to, which is one feature that is not in Windows 11 currently.
  7. The USB-B supports MIDI, but is only for connecting to a USB host device, usually a PC. Same as when you connect a printer via USB, it doesn't work the other way around. And the USB-A port on the RD-88 is only for storage devices. Maybe you can do it using some kind of adapter device, though.
  8. I hear it as being in A minor a bit more than C. I don't think it's trying to establish a key, it's just a bit ambiguous. Does that make sense?
  9. Fixed it now, easy once I got it disassembled. Way too many screws. The counterweight (hammer?) was rotated so it didn't fit in the slot in the key anymore.
  10. I guess something must have happened either when I put it in the box, or took it back out. Maybe the key got caught up in the protective plastic bag that's around the board.
  11. Just in its box, under a bed. Not upside down or vertically, so I don't know how this happened...
  12. I found that one, but I was hoping to not having to do all of that...
  13. I put it back in the original packaging after each use, this time it's been five months since I last used it. When I unpacked it today, one key had popped out of its place. No idea how, and it doesn't want to go back down. Anyone seen this before? Do I need to disassemble the whole think to get the key back in place, or is it possible to wiggle it back in position without risk of breaking anything?
  14. Useful, but you can probably find all of those tools for free on the Internet without using Google.I try to stay away from that company.
  15. If it's not too much trouble you could just unplug the right output from the keyboard and the right input from the mixer to get mono. And make sure you're not using a stereo effect on the mixer, of course. Then it doesn't matter which control room output you use.
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