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  1. It was ball to hand anyway, there was no intent to handle the ball. If it had been reviewed there was an offside first. All well and it ended well with Germany going out, they fouled left right and center. The Ref was very lenient with some particularly so called “professional” fouls by the German players. Germany v Spain was a pretty good match whereas France v Portugal was a damp squid of a match, how France are through with their dull boring play and so call superstars in Griesman and Mbappe failing to deliver. Best quote by TV punters here in the UK…….. ”Ronaldo has taken 58 direct free kicks in International football and scored one goal”. Beggars belief that Managers still allow him to take free kicks with that abysmal success record. How many misses would a Punter in the NFL be allowed before his was benched or contract terminated?
  2. Seen Lulu many times and also been to Jool’s concerts which are stunning the guy can play anything. His guest artists are world class.
  3. Naah They were getting away before Sza came onstage. Never in Glastonbury has a so called Headliner sort of performed to such a small crowd. Certainly well short of the 120,000 who watched Coldplay, us Brits know a class act. Shania Twain had a massive audience for her Legends spot as did Cyndi Lauper
  4. What we are seeing in the Euros by all teams are the defender players lined up across the field, then a few yards in front there are the midfielders then the token forward. They then move en-masse forward and backward, it is stifling the game. Move the offside line away from the halfway line to the edge of the opponents penalty area or make it so there is no offside, lets get the players spread out and some movement. Most of the guys on the field are on well over £100,000 a week with the likes of Kane, Mbappe, Ronaldo etc on vastly more and so many just cannot pass or kick the ball accurately. These whimps get cramp, how does that happen? In the 90 minutes they have only covered 4-6 miles so barely more than walking pace.
  5. You are so right with your comments. Totally agree VAR should retrospectively review suspect “fouls” for what is termed Simulation and Cards issued. There is to much pushing, shoving and holding. To much arguing with officials. VAR itself should be limited in duration, 30 seconds to give a decision is more than enough.
  6. You guys not heard of a gazebo? No gig is worth risking health issues for.
  7. If you are outside the UK and get the error message, you may have success using a VPN. The Coldplay set is well worth watching, awesome from start to finish. Cyndi Lauper had sound issues to start off with but they got sorted.
  8. The Swiss would probably disagree with you.
  9. England 1 Serbia 0 A tough match, England best in first half and Serbia best in the second. England never do things the easy way.
  10. Swap out the DS for the 88 key version. The FA06 action leave a lot to be desired, the 07 has a different action and IMO much better. Consider a Fantom O series, the same Performances capabilities as the DS and a similar Roland OS that you are familiar with.
  11. To join the paper use only Conservation Grade Tape. It should be labelled as PH7-70 and be acid free.
  12. Because you are American and one of the vast majority who knows diddley squat about music and artists who do not originate in the damn Us of A.
  13. Brain dead Apple AI No:- Pets Sounds, Hotel California, Sticky Fingers, Dark Side of the Moon, Gracelands, A Night at the Opera, Yessongs, In Memory of Trees. yep, Apple is rotten to the core!
  14. The Korg forum is massive with 81 different sections. All be it a lot are related to legacy products
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