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So much talk about keyboard stands today and how we get one keyboard over another. What we are missing today are long arms, roadies and a solid base :2thu:



/Bjørn - old gearjunkie, still with lot of GAS
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We're also missing sleeve tassles and some kind of drug cocktail that probably hasn't been experimented with since the early 70's.


Here's the first paragraph from Wiki:


In summer 1969, the Crazy World of Arthur Brown had to cease touring in the middle of their second U.S. tour because of keyboardist Vincent Crane's mental illness. When he recovered, he and drummer Carl Palmer took the step to leave Arthur Brown and return to England â their date of travel being Friday 13 June 1969, which was the year of the rooster in the Chinese calendar â and arranged a meeting with Brian Jones to discuss a collaboration. After Jones's death, they adopted the name Atomic Rooster (with influence from the US band Rhinoceros), and soon recruited Nick Graham on bass and vocals.[5] They followed with what had been the Crazy World of Arthur Brown arrangement of vocals, organ, bass, and drums.

Gigging: Crumar Mojo 61, Hammond SKPro

Home: Vintage Vibe 64


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I remember when you didn"t even need to buy a keyboard stand. My Wurlitzer 140B had legs that screwed into the removable top cover, my Univox Organizer and Honer Planet T both came with stands that were angle adjustable.



1967 B-3 w/(2) 122's, Nord C1w/Leslie 2101 top, Nord PedalKeys 27, Nord Electro 4D, IK B3X, QSC K12.2, Yamaha reface YC+CS+CP


"It needs a Hammond"


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