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Rolie does an "I remember when" for Rolling Stone

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I wonder if Perry still has the same vocal range anymore.




Listen to samples from his latest solo album.




Check out the Youtube videos of him doing a guest appearance with the Eels a few years ago. He did a couple Journey tunes -- 2 full steps down.


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After reading this thread and the use of backing tracks, I wonder if Arnel has the same vocal range anymore.
The choice of material seems abusive. The veterans appear to insist Stone in Love be in the set list even though that song illustrates the wear and tear on Arnel's voice. Maybe he is able to hit it at the beginning of a tour or when they have adequate rest time between shows. Maybe not. If the entities famous for Layla, Ooh Baby Baby, Freebird or Do you Feel Like We Do omit them from their set lists people feel cheated. Stone in Love? They don't have to perform that song.
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Their choice in 3rd wives leaves me scratching my head; one is a "spiritual advisor" to an infamous guy,


Apparently Cain is not a huge fan of said infamous guy.


Not to put a fine point on Journey, but it's my feeling that we tend to cling to our musical icons for far too long. Do they really deserve it, or are we just wallowing in nostalgia? I'll listen to Thelonius Monk until I die. A lot of bands that still have huge followings don't deserve the same reverence. People want to relive their youth for a couple hours. That's not a bad thing, but there's a huge industry behind the mechanisms that create that experience.


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There's a local band that when together did Stone In Love perfectly - and it was always in their set list because it's such a show piece vocally. No tricks for them... they just stepped up to the mics and did it. I was fortunate to have been included in some of their shows (wearing my other hat as a DJ) and would wait for that song because they did it so well.


If you're calling yourself Journey, you'd better be able to pull off Journey's vocal masterpiece off every night, and for real without help.


Just my opinion...

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There are lots of vocalists doing a take on Robert Plant and sounding more like Jon Bon Jovi. Bon Jovi himself is doing the Plant thing. His voice is not naturally scratchy/raspy like that. In contrast, there are not many vocalist who sound like Steve Perry and who have the range to cover his songs.


Arnel has a beautiful voice. He sounds a lot like Steve Perry when singing Perry tunes. IMO he does Who's Cryin' Now as well as, if not better than, Perry. He is the closest to Perry Journey has found. Of course there is a significant number of old Journey fans who have not followed the band for years and do not know of Arnel but Arnel is known to many. If they lose him there are plenty of people who will not bother to see Journey live. He has become part of their draw.


Stone in Love may showcase great vocals. With such a rare commodity can Journey afford to risk everything on any song that is not really that important?

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