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  1. Can't see myself EVER watching that movie, but that's a great line!!
  2. I liked the snickers commercial! The world has gone wacky! it needs a giant snickers bar, then the selfie couple falls in and "its working already"!
  3. After gigging with it for a year, my opinions: The keybed DOES suck, but its light weight is hard to beat If you use it with lots of splits layers, the polyphony runs out pretty quick (using it as the only sound source) I've never really been able to come up with a 'single' patch/voice piano that sounds good through a big FOH/PA ( I need 'single' as I often layer pads/strings in parts of the songs (see the polyphony ref)) The plastic jacks seem flimsy, but I haven't had any problems with them ( had a moxf8 and never had any issues with them, either) I have had weird things in the sound every once in a while like small distortion in the sound, but these were at times when I was using max polyphony and could be voltage related We do play a gig with voltage issues yearly, and the sound distorts and then dips down in volume but immediate comes back. I bring this up because it appears to take a voltage beating and continues to work (still on the same power supply) so that says a little about road-worthiness?) I've said this before, but while i'm playing it I wish I had the cp4 (for the keybed). But at load-out, nice having the lighter board... I've used it in 99 degree heat (and it was in direct sun for a bit), no issues with the screen or the operation (well the screen was hard to see, but it didn't do anything weird like my motif xf used to...) I was thinking of using it with my computer setup, but it seems to "Yamaha-color" the sound? Not as clear/quality sounding as when a good audio interface is used? But then again, live FOH can destroy any high quality, so jurys still out on this. Also the latency/drop out is not as good using the Yamaha/MODX audio interface (compared to the motu I normally use). I haven't dropped it from a tall height (as happened to my xs7 years ago) or filled it with rainwater (as a storm did to my moxf) yet, but so far no problems. Hope this helps...
  4. Just out of interest, why not go for the A-88mkII then if it's for a computer setup? Keys should be the same I think? Less length Built in audio interface ability to list/navigate the patches on the keyboard display Speakers for practicing Wheels (hate the lever!!!!) Slightly lighter... oh yeah, forgot built-in (decent, I hope!) sounds for simple gigs that don't require the complexity of the computer setup...
  5. I'm very interested in the rd as a controller for my computer setup, and Bonus that is has its own sounds and speakers! But I listen to the demos of the rotary with the organ sounds and I just wonder, how does it even get into production with that sound?!! I know its not supposed to be a clone, but I cant imagine using that rotary sound, EVER! In a pinch, i'd just leave off the rotary effect and live with slow or stopped! People have said it before, but come on this is 2020!!! Forget flying cars, i'd just like manufacturers to actually listen to a real rotary speaker and get 70% there!! Its like they've never actually heard the real thing!! Sorry, rant over!
  6. Through the years, my steering wheels have taken quite the beating because of him!! RIP!
  7. LoL! During the gig, the 50lb feels great! At midnight, the 27lb feels better!!
  8. Outstanding!! Both the board and the Playing!!
  9. I would LOVE a Stage3 with a built-in, high quality/speed audio interface (with its own volume control, in case they're listening... ) for sampling/softsynths!!
  10. I don't see the big deal behind " I am quilting " and what does quilting have to do if I buy a Fantom or MODX ? I would have never guessed there would be 5 pages here of keyboard players talking about quilting. whats next ? Where to buy quilting needles and fabric to use during breaks at gigs ???
  11. My first thought was 'backing tracks.' That's what I first thought, but after reading Ampy's post, his take probably makes more sense. I've heard that they currently DO use tracks, but haven't seen any evidence (other than precise starts with no count or audible click)⦠Doesn't necessarily change the discussion, but yes, I think there are tracks!... [video:youtube]
  12. My first thought was 'backing tracks.' That's what I first thought, but after reading Ampy's post, his take probably makes more sense. I've heard that they currently DO use tracks, but haven't seen any evidence (other than precise starts with no count or audible click)â¦
  13. Interesting article. I wonder what he was going to say in the blank, in this sentence: We made it a little more earthy because there was no . . . It was just real. Everyone played real. ??
  14. Here's Yamahasynths info: YamahaSynth MODX/Montage 3 Nice call on whoever guessed that the white Montage would be here soon!!
  15. I can add something about low voltage power with the modx. We play a gig every year, with absolutely terrible voltage levels! The voltage varies between 89 and 95 volts, depending on how hard the subs are being pushed, and if the venue is using their AC! This year was the first with the new modx8. I saw no effects visually, however, when the voltage dipped (for example when the bass and bass drum were played heavily, exactly together) the sound on the modx would reduce to a low distorted sound - to - dropping out altogether. I didn't see any unexpected sound changes or any ill effects from the screen or lights. As a comparison, in these past gigs with different gear: moxf6 - no problems Korg Kronos - Powered off at random times (which really sucked, as it took over 2 min to boot up!) Nord Stage - rebooted once, but mostly stayed normal. This year was the last straw for me, though. I am going to absolutely insist on a generator (outdoors gig) for next year!
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