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Vocoders, why are they so popular?

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If you're really curious, throw Dave Tomkins $17 and read his book. Personally, I just really like the edgy, synthetic sound of vocoders. The synthesizer SINGS, man, is anything cooler than that? They're a one-trick pony, but damn, what a trick.



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Vocoders allow some non-singing musos to get in on the vocal action.:laugh:


Nostalgia and disposable income have a way of jacking up prices on old gear. :D:cool:





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My band leader brought one in (well, a Microkorg, so not a vintage one) for me to record on our last album, and I know why he did it. Synths can suffer from being a bit cold and mechanical, having very predictable waveforms and modulators. Vocoding is one way of bringing a bit of organic chaos into the mix. We just used it for subtle background pads.


But there are many uses. I"ve heard them used superbly on backing and harmony vocals. You have a natural lead voice with some spacey semi-human harmonies. It"s great for psychedelia.


Overall, I tend to prefer them for subtle background material than right up front like Mr Robotto. I think they"re coming back as we"re learning how to embrace older tech without letting it get out of hand.

Puck Funk! :)


Equipment: Laptop running lots of nerdy software, some keyboards, noise makersâ¦yada yada yadaâ¦maybe a cat?

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Hey Paul, never heard of the Behringer VC340, so I looked it up and watched Daniel Fisher demo it.


Wow, no wonder you're avatar is Clockwork Orange! Aside from vocoding, that thing can sound like Wendy Carlos's soundtrack work!



I first learned about the VC-340 last year, when Behringer showed it at Super Booth 2018, in Germany. No, i did not attend in person, saw videos on Sonicstate.com, and a few other websites. Behringer has been producing clones of vintage synths, at a fraction of vintage prices. Roland has the VP-03 Boutique, but Behringer decided too add a keyboard. It is similar in design to the Roland VP-330, but smaller, and fewer keys.

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