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Phil Aiken

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No, not in terms of digital audio, just eschewing my long used "Beethree" moniker for my actual name. Truth be told I play more piano and electric piano than Hammond anyway, and rather than change my display name to Wurly, decided to just be me. No profound reason....

"My name is Phil and I'm a keyboard junkie....."

Moog The One, VV 64 EP, Wurlies 200A 140 7300, Forte 7, Mojo 61, OB-6, Prophet 6, Polaris, Hammond A100, Farfisa VIP, ,Young Chang 6', Voyager, E7 Clav, Midiboard, Linnstrument, Seaboard
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Welcome, Phil. I was going to ask if you're related to Jim, but I see that his surname ends in "in." I guess I'll just have to like you for who you are. :-)


Besides which, anyone with a Farfisa VIP and a YC 6' (my favorite small grand from the 1980s) gets my vote.

-Tom Williams

{First Name} {at} AirNetworking {dot} com

PC4-7, PX-5S, AX-Edge, PC361


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