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MOTIF XF: One-Shot Samples

David R

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Hi everyone,


I'm playing a festival this week and the backline is a Motif XF8. The artist I am playing with starts the show with a sampled intro. Normally, I have it loaded in Mainstage and I run it from there, but since I don't need Mainstage for anything else in this set, I'd rather leave my laptop behind.


I've seen the Ask Audio integrated sampling tutorial but that's for recording into the Motif. Is there a way to load the sample from a USB stick? I don't think I've found it in my Svengling.


Thanks in advance to the Yamaha gurus here!

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A 44.1kHz 16-bit stereo WAV or AIFF file can be loaded to the XF's memory, best accessed from a Drum Voice.

See http://www.motifator.com/index.php/forum/viewthread/478069


However, such a 44.1/16 file can also be directly played from a USB flash drive. See Playing an audio file on page 34 of the Motif XF Owner's Manual (http://download.yamaha.com/file/48528).


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You can go to the trouble of converting the sample to waveform and assigning to a drum or Normal voice - but ill Tell you - its not that intuitive on XF and its tedious. for a single intro track - Id just put an mp3 audio track on any MP3 player you prefer (iPod, iPhone, whatever your player of choice is) and plug a cable from mp3 out to the dual stereo 1/4 A/D input jacks on the XF. Voila - done.


i do for this for an intro track need on one band. 2nd best option is play track from USB stick file. But you wont know for sure youve got the track in a format XF loves until you arrive and try it and then you have to menu dive to get to the track and know the XF interface.


With an MP3 player, as long as you have a cable mini - to - stereo 1/4 - you know the MP3 player plays what it plays. I will put the intro track in its own playlist alone, so at the end of the track the MP3 player just turns off.


Note - if you go this way - on XF the A/D input has a small volume knob on the back of the keyboard - be sure its turned all the way up, then use your MP3 player or keyboard main volume to adjust volume as you like.

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