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Synths you bought,sold,thought you would regret,but didn't


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Last year I sold a DX7, M1 and D50. I initially regretted selling a very nice DX7 and tried to buy it back without success. Last week he contacted me and asked if I wanted it back. I realized that I'm over it now and declined. I don't regret selling the others either, there are enough VSTs to cover those bases.


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I did not miss my Minimoog I sold to hep pays for a System 15. Then I didn't miss the System-15 I sold when I realized my System-100 sounded just as good and did more for me.

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I didn´t regret selling my Prophet-5 rev3 and Oberheim OB-8.

I thought I will regret, but it didn´t happen because they weren´t reliable enough after some years of usage on the road and in studios as also there came the day I prefered velocity sensitive keyboards.


I also didn´t regret selling the DX7,- just because I bought a DX7mkIIFD and still owned the TX816.


Moog Taurus I ... well, I normally used it only w/ ONE patch on stage,- and then came the day I decided for removing it from the rig.

Didn´t regret,- it´s a great sounding bass pedal synth but it´s bulky, key contacts introduce problems sooner or later and there are replacements like Minitaur.

Not exactly the same but much better handling.


Other but synths:


All the string machines I owned ...ARP/Solina, Roland RS-?, Hohner String Melody and Yammi SS30.

I was tired of those sounds anyway.

Today, when I need such textures occasionally, there´s software doing it good enough,- at least for me.


The vintage KORG CX3,- bye-bye ... never regret selling it.

I used it w/ the Dynacord CLS-222 for some years, but the C/V was so bad,- well ...

Hated the keybed too.


Electromagnetic instruments ...


Rhodes mkII and Clavinet D6,- I never regret selling ´em.

I miss the sound of my 1971 Fender Rhodes mkI stage 73 though.

But there were too many years all collected dust and there was no usage for those instruments.


The only thing I regret is I sold ´em all much too cheap,- that´s it.



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