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OT: Happy Thanksgiving!

mate stubb

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Yamaha: Motif XF8, MODX7, YS200, MX61, CVP-305, CLP-130, YPG-235, PSR-295, PSS-470 | Roland: Fantom 7, JV-1000

Kurzweil: PC3-76, PC4 (88) | Hammond: SK Pro 73 | Korg: N1R, X5DR | Emu: Proteus/1 | Casio: CT-370 | Novation: Launchkey 37 MK3

Former: Emu Proformance Plus & Mo'Phatt, Korg Krome 61, Roland Fantom XR & JV-1010, Behringer CAT

Yamaha Pacifica 112V & APX600 | Washburn WI64 | Ibanez BTB-675 | Roland TD-17 KVX | Alesis SamplePad Pro | Assorted organs, accordions, other instruments

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Almost time for the bad football. Everybody have a safe and happy holiday!


As a very tired Giants fan, you couldn't be more right.


Happy T Day!



1967 B-3 w/(2) 122's, Nord C1w/Leslie 2101 top, Nord PedalKeys 27, Nord Electro 4D, IK B3X, QSC K12.2, Yamaha reface YC+CS+CP


"It needs a Hammond"


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I am, sadly, sports impaired...couldn't care less about a bunch of burly guys chasing leather bladders filled with air. That doesn't stop me from oggling the cheerleaders--my wife smiles indulgently, knowing that they are safely far away.


However, dinner is almost ready and that I am most enthusiastic about. I wish everyone a joyous season.



I'm not interested in someone's ability to program. I'm interested in their ability to compose and play.

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Happy T'Day. Have a wonderful time in food and fellowship with your families and friends.


As a diehard football fan, it's not easy when your favorite team loses by 15 points with less than 3 minutes left in their last game. :rolleyes:


So, I'm hoping that after having eaten a wonderful feast that my team will win their game tonight. :cool:



"The greatest thing you'll ever learn, is just to love and be loved in return."--E. Ahbez "Nature Boy"

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