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Ariana Grande

JuJu Kwan

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I know she's not a guitar player, but she deserves a lot of respect. She returned to Manchester less then 3 weeks after that horrific attack and raised over 13 million dollars. She's 1 year older than me, I don't think I could be that brave.







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I know she's not a guitar player, but she deserves a lot of respect.


I had never even heard of her before the bombing, but she gets my respect as a person who knows to do the right thing. Big respect for standing up to the murderers.

Scott Fraser
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Not MY kind of artist, but yeah, gotta admire that. When that incident happened I did feel bad for her as there ARE people out there of the sort who might hold HER responsible somehow, and as there too, are artists who would have just moved on and forgot about it makes what she did that much more commendable.


And the artists who joined her deserve praise as well.


I started out with NOTHING...and I still have most of it left!
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Well, ahe's my kinda artist & not just for what she did there.





[she may've pre-recorded vox to make sure she didn't breakdown :idk but, hey, y'know, what-the-hey]



Take yer time & work through the whole set; some of this stuff is terrific...& not just what I've noted !


Marcus Mumford [starts 13:50]


Take That [starts 18:00]


"Giants" [great anthem !]

"Rule the World"

Robbie Williams [starts 31:00]



remote feed from U2 concert [42:00]

Pharrell Williams [43:00]

"Get Lucky" (with Marcus Mumford)

"Happy" (with Miley Cyrus) [dancing to this song can get you jailed in some places :facepalm: ]

Miley Cyrus [51:00]

"Inspired" [very pretty &, uh, inspired song]

Niall Horan [57:30]

"Slow Hands" [funky bass]

"This Town"

Ariana Grande [1:11:00]

"Be Alright"

"Break Free"

Stevie Wonder [1:19:00] [sWonder lays it out + dig that kb :idk ]

"Love's in Need of Love Today" (video)

Little Mix [1:20:00]

"Wings" [another great anthem]

Victoria Monét [1:26:30]

"Better Days" (with Ariana Grande)

The Black Eyed Peas [1:29:30]

"Where Is the Love?" (with Ariana Grande) [Will.I.Am lays it out in another powerful anthem]

Imogen Heap [1:37:00]

"Hide and Seek"

Ariana Grande [1:43:15]

"My Everything" (with Parrs Wood High School Choir) [do NOT miss this musical variation on Xtina's "Beautiful"]

"The Way" (with Mac Miller)

"Dang!" (with Mac Miller)

"Don't Dream It's Over" (with Miley Cyrus)

"Side to Side"

Katy Perry [2:07:15]

"Part of Me" (acoustic)

"Roar" [dig KP !]

Justin Bieber [2:20:00]

"Love Yourself" (acoustic) [crikey---I didn't know he played gtr]

"Cold Water" (acoustic)

Ariana Grande [2:28:45]

"Love Me Harder"

[remote feed from someone I don't know-- :idk --who's this ? / followed by a string of brief addressesending w/ Sir Paul] [2:32:30]

Chris Martin and Jonny Buckland [2:35:30]

"Don't Look Back in Anger" (with Ariana Grande)[13]


"Sit Down" / "Fix You"

"Viva la Vida"

"Something Just Like This"

[mystery address from unknown performer---who's this ?]

Liam Gallagher [2:23:30]

"Rock 'n' Roll Star"

"Wall of Glass"

"Live Forever" (with Chris Martin and Jonny Buckland)

Ariana Grande [3:12:00]

"One Last Time" (with all other artists)

"Over the Rainbow"


Full Show




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