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NAMM Shmam! (new acquisition)


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I'm not sure what's new at NAMM but i do know what's new here in the studio. A Franken-B3 and a 122(ish) like no other I've heard.


* Was NOT looking to buy another but once I played it...awe sh*t, let's do this.




I'll find out what's new at NAMM in about 3 days.


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Nice. I wish the video showed more of your new organ. What I heard sounded very nice. I have my eyes our for a similar find, but all the advertised organs I see are out on the west coast.


Nice playing.

J.S. Bach Well Tempered Klavier

The collected works of Scott Joplin

Ray Charles Genius plus Soul

Charlie Parker Omnibook

Stevie Wonder Songs in the Key of Life

Weather Report Mr. Gone


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Cool, thanks! Yeah, she's definitely road ready (aka: not mint). Basically a Black lacquered BC cab with an A-100 (franken B3) that was totally gone thru (AO-28 up to snuff, great contacts, key feel, nice deep c/v, etc).


The 122-ish (ish = a 122 cab that, believe it or not, had about ...oh 5-6 inches cut out in the middle and sealed back together, likely because seller wanted it to fit upright in a car. Bit taller than a 45 shorty for example. 122 amp recapped. The V21 driver is juuuust broken enough to love ;)


The verb: Fisher Space Expander came with it. $%%#ing amazing



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