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New custom extra tier on KM 18880


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As some of you know, I recently added a Mopho keys to my rig. I did not want to add a third tier on my Km18880 stand (mainly because of looks as a play sitting down).


I had the idea to make a custom stand from an old KM18881 stacker which was broken any way. I let a local befriended welder made a plate of aluminium with a bended edge on the front. Then he cut the 18881 stacker and welded the end piece on the plate. See this picture.




This way I could stack it in my 18882 stackers, on which my electro is resting:




The result in the rig is like this:




I am quite happy with the result. I have to stretch a bit to reach the volume knob (which is awkwardly positioned on the top right corner of the Mopho), so added a volume pedal for that. The other thing is that of course it is not completely handy for transportation. But a have a big bag with cable and think I can put it in with that.





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Cool! Everyone should befriend a local welder. :2thu:


Yes. That is very handy. This was totally free:)


I also need a stand voor my melodica when I do my jazz gig, so I might contact him again:)




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Aluminium is tricky. Guessing your friend has a TiG setup. Buy him one more beer than you think necessary, this is a good friend to have. :)

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