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World's scariest Christmas song


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I haven't watched it yet, but Netflix has some sort of Christmas horror movie.....looks like the old trilogy of terror, or something like That but all Christmas related....like Santa fighting off zombie elves, etc.



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Years ago, we did a rewrite of "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town" with a rather nasty, malevolent Kris Kringle. I can recall the first few lines:


You'd better take

You'd better watch out

Better watch your a**

Santa's gonna knock you out

Santa Claus is coming to town

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High points for surrealism: "The Christmas tree is filled with ....flowers????"

Lowest ever points for the rhythm of the thing. Surely no song in the history of the English language has seen words crammed in so awkwardly.

Perhaps they forgot to install a scanner in this computer....

"Turn your fingers into a dust rag and keep them keys clean!" ;) Bluzeyone
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Finally something has topped "Sim-ply Ha-ving A Wonderful Christmas-time" as the scariest Christmas song!

I laugh and cringe every time I hear that song. The garbage a legendary musician is allowed to record and release. :laugh::cool:



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Probably because I have a near infinite capacity to enjoy just about anything Sir Paul does (there are some exceptions, a few album cuts here and there I don't like) but for some reason I don't mind "Wonderful Christmastime" at all, it has just never bothered me the way it does the rest of the world. I kind of liked the old video for it, which seemed like just a pretty raw home movie of Paul, Linda and Denny in winter coats hanging out with friends and family at a pub, and I always liked how outside the title line there's very little specifically Christmas-y or seasonal about the lyric, it's very secular and universal, almost an un-Christmas song or just strikes me that way.


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